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Two Togemaru attempt to defeat Wario at Rice Beach
A Togemaru as depicted in KC Deluxe

A Togemaru (トゲマル[1]) is an enemy in the game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. It harries Wario in his attempt to steal the Brown Sugar Pirates' treasure from Kitchen Island. The spiny creatures attempt to bounce onto Wario, the results of which is Wario either turning into Tiny Wario or losing a life. The enemy can bounce off of walls, the floor, and ceilings, sometimes making for tight situations for Wario to navigate through. Wario cannot jump on top of the creature because of its spines; likewise, he cannot body slam it. The only way for Wario beat one of these erratically moving enemies is by standing directly underneath it and allowing its soft underbelly to make contact with Wario's head. If it lands on top of him while he is using body slam, it will be defeated and releases a coin.



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