Stove Canyon

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Stove Canyon
Stove Canyon.png
Appearance Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 (1994)
Levels 6
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Stove Canyon is a world in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 in the middle of Kitchen Island. All of its levels have lava in it and can be very difficult. One level has a wall of lava moving at a quick pace and Wario must hurry through the level or he will die. There is a key that is hidden in this maze, but Wario needs to be quick and get it before the lava kills him. There are two treasures in this world and one secret level. The boss of this world is Funfun.


Course No. 20[edit]

Course No. 20

In the first section of this course, the player must break through several blocks and climb ladders whilst defeating Pirate Gooms and escaping a wall of lava. A key is available in this section which can be used in the next section to gain a new Treasure. In the second section Wario must defeat a Guragura to complete the course.

Course No. 21[edit]

Course No. 21

In this course the player must cross several bridges and jump across several floating and moving platforms to get to the end whilst defeating Pirate Gooms and Demon Bats. At the end of the course the player must defeat 2 Pirate Gooms whilst avoiding the Fireball in the middle.

Course No. 22[edit]

Course No. 22

In this course the player must avoid falling off bridges that fall if the player stands on them too long whilst defeating several D.D.’s. The player must then traverse a section with ladders hanging over lava whilst avoiding several Fireballs coming from the lava below them. At the end the player must jump across platforms whilst defeating 2 Watches.

Course No. 23[edit]

Course No. 23

In this level, the player must ride several platforms with wheels along with jumping from moving platforms to other ones and avoiding Demon Bats that attack along the way. Near the end of the level, there is a secret exit which can be accessed by using the last moving platform or Jet Wario to reach 2 bouncy platforms to unlock Course 24.

Course No. 24[edit]

Course No. 24

The player must defeat and avoid enemies and hit switches to make water appear and disappear, respectively, throughout the level in order to reach the end. A treasure can be found here, being accessed through entering the room nearest to the first switch when there is water in the room. A key is found in this room which can be used near the start of the level to unlock a door leading to the Treasure.

Course No. 25[edit]

Course No. 25

In this level, there is a mixture of obstacles including collapsing bridges, Fireballs and moving platforms along with lava. The only enemies which can be found are Pirate Gooms. At the end of the level, the boss which is a giant stone head named Funfun is present. After beating him, the player gains access to the SS Tea Cup.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ストーブ[1]
Sutōbu tani
Stove Canyon


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