Mt. Teapot

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Mt. Teapot
Mt. Teapot
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 (1994)
Level(s) 7
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Mt. Teapot is a large, teapot-shaped mountain that can be seen in Kitchen Island. It is the second area that Wario visits in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 on his adventure to steal the giant, golden Princess Toadstool statue rumored to be under the control of Captain Syrup and her Brown Sugar Pirates. Mt. Teapot's secret exit in Course No.08 is the only way one can enter Sherbet Land. On the outside, Mt. Teapot appears as a grassy, smooth, tree-covered hill surrounded by Lake Asparagus.[1] However, many caves can be found that lead straight to the center of the mountain, which is a rugged, dank cavern. Lava and bridges also appear in the mountain, making it a quite diverse area for many different creatures. Only Pinwheels, Yadorā and Watches appear on the outside of the level, while Pirate Gooms, Konotako, Pecans, Penkoons and others appear on the inside.

One notable landmark of Mt. Teapot is the "lid" of the teapot; at first, it is seen floating up and down above the summit. However, once Wario completes Course No.12, the lid crashes down into the mountain, transforming Course No.10 into Course No.13, a more rough and blocked off area. The changed level allows the Minotaur boss to be fought.


Image Name Description

Mt. Teapot, Course 7 Course No.07 A level that mainly takes place in water at Mt. Teapot's base. Watches occupy the surface, while the water is filled with Pinwheels and mines.
Mt. Teapot, Course 8 Course No.08 Many water currents are found in this level. This level holds a secret exit leading to Sherbet Land.
Mt. Teapot Course No.09 In this level, Wario must go through a short vertically aligned series of waterfall-filled rooms to reach the end.
Mt. Teapot, Course 10 Course No.10 The summit of Mt. Teapot. This level becomes inaccessible after completing Course No.12 and gets replaced by Course No.13.
Mt. Teapot, Course 11 Course No.11 A level set within the mountain's caves. Many Pirate Gooms are found in this level.
Mt. Teapot, Course 12 Course No.12 A level set in a lava pit inside the mountain. Wario activates a switch at the end of the level that causes the lid to fall onto Mt. Teapot.
Mt. Teapot, Course No.13. Shows Wario fighting the Minotaur Course No.13 The boss level of Mt. Teapot, replacing Course No.10 and set on the summit after the lid falls on top of it. The Minotaur is fought at the end of the level.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポット[2]
Potto yama
Asupara ko
Mt. Pot
(Mt. Teapot in-game)

Asparagus Lake

Italian Monte Teiera[3]
Lago Asparagio
Mount Teapot
Asparagus Lake


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