Course No.08

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Course No.08
Mt. Teapot, Course 8
World Mt. Teapot
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Time limit 400 seconds
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Course No.08 is the second course of Mt. Teapot in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. The level has two exits: the normal exit, and a secret exit to a hidden world, Sherbet Land.


The level starts out as a lengthy, horizontal cave with a water current that flows against Wario's desired direction. In the water are some Yadorā and mines that can harm Wario, as well as some coins and blocks that hold items. The door to the next room is underneath a platform; Wario must ride the current backwards to get to it. The next area is a long, vertical room that is split in half by a large, indestructible wall. Wario must avoid the mines in the area as they can easily damage him with an explosion if picked up for long. There is a save point to the right of this tall area. The next room has a large pool of water with Pecans that spit mines at Wario, Helmuts, and many breakable blocks. The area after that is a completely water-filled cave with multiple looping currents. Wario must avoid the Helmuts in the area as he follows the currents' paths to reach the next door. The final area contains no water. Two Gaugau are encountered as Wario enters the area, and the level's exit is just beyond them.

Secret exit[edit]

A Jet Pot is required to access the secret exit. At the formation of coins resembling an arrow pointing up just before the normal exit, Wario must jump up and fly to the left towards the block on the ledge, then to the right from there to a platform above the coins with the secret exit that opens the path to Course No.14 of Sherbet Land.