Course No.11

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Course No.11
Mt. Teapot, Course 11
World Mt. Teapot
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Time limit 400 seconds
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Course No.11 is the fifth course of Mt. Teapot in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. The level takes place in a cave inside the mountain.


The first room requires Wario to make his way down multiple platforms while breaking multiple half-broken blocks along the way. Several face blocks and Pirate Gooms are found in this room, and the door to the next room is hidden within the blocks on the second-lowest platform. In the next room is a small underground lake with a Watch and a Pinwheel. Wario must dodge them both and progress to the next area. Upon reaching the next door, Wario will find a long ladder. Wario must climb down this ladder while avoiding the Pirate Gooms that try to poke from the sides. After climbing down, Wario can proceed to the next room: a sandy, beach-like cave with a single Togemaru and a save point reached by climbing two appearing and disappearing platforms. In the next area following the save point, there is a Floater and many coins that Wario can obtain. However, if Wario falls off the Floater or jumps too high, he will fall into a bottomless pit or jump into spikes, respectively. Halfway through the area, Wario must switch to a different Floater. In the next room, Wario can obtain a Star and plow through a cluster of Pirate Gooms. If Wario shoots past the door to the next room, however, he will fall into lava and lose a life, even if he is still under the effects of the Star. In the seventh and final area, Wario must quickly run across collapsing bridges while avoiding Pirate Gooms that block the way.


In the vertical cave with the door to the save point, there are multiple platforms leading up and a block containing a Jet Pot nearby. As Jet Wario, Wario must fly from left to right while scaling the platforms to reach the block holding the key on the left side and the treasure room door on the right side. Once Wario has the key, he must throw it to the right and quickly fly into it to pick it up while heading towards the door. If Wario drops the key off the platforms, he can throw it up the series of platforms on the right side while scaling back up to the door. The treasure found in the vault is a crown worth 2,000 coins.