Course No.26

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Course No.26
A Bee Fly flees from the Jet Wario form of Wario in Course No.26.
World SS Tea Cup
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Time limit 400 seconds
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Course No.26 is the first course of SS Tea Cup in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. The level is set in a forest-like setting as opposed to the ship itself.


The first area is a glade with several Pirate Gooms and two Chicken Ducks. Near the beginning and end of the area are small beds of Muncher-like Piranha Plants which Wario must jump over. In the next room after entering the door, two Droppers, a D.D. and three blocks containing two coins and a heart are found inside. The next door is located a short distance on the other side, which leads to a cave area. A single Bee Fly and a block containing a Jet Pot can be found near the entrance, which is followed by multiple small pools inhabited by Ukiwani that jump up at Wario, and a larger body of water containing a current that drags Wario down in the middle. After crossing the water, Wario will find two more Bē and the goal door on the other side.


In the room with the D.D., there is a single empty block on the right side. Jumping slightly to the left from the top of it reveals another block, which Wario can use to reach a ledge off-screen with a ladder leading up to another forest-like area. A block containing a Dragon Pot can be found here, as well as a Big that falls from the tree in the middle and rolls towards Wario into the nearby Piranha Plant bed.

In the next room, many half-broken blocks are scattered around, with the treasure room door located in the middle. Breaking the top-right set of blocks reveals a door leading to an indoor area. Heading right, Wario will pass under a shaft and find a door on the other side, which takes him to a small room containing a ! Block. Activating it causes the previous room to be flooded, enabling Wario to swim up the shaft and reach a door leading to a room with blocks containing two hearts and the key. After picking up the key, Wario can hit the nearby ! Block to turn off the water in the previous room and drop down to the entrance faster. The treasure is a dagger worth 7,000 coins.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]