Course No.37

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Course No.37
WLSML3 Course No 37.png
World Syrup Castle
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Time limit 400 seconds
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Course No.37 is the first course of Syrup Castle in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. The level is set at the edge of Parsley Woods, and ends at the castle foyer.


The first half of the level is a long, straight section with Pirate Gooms walking along the ground, spiked balls that fall from the trees, and multiple Piranha Plant pits. Groups of coins are also scattered throughout the area. A door halfway through the level leads to the save point.

Just past the halfway point is a set of stairs Wario must climb while avoiding a spiked ball that rolls down them. After that, Wario drops down to a long stretch inhabited by Pirate Gooms with floating platforms and coins above. After climbing out, Wario then falls into a hole with more Pirate Gooms and three sets of three blocks containing hearts and coins. On the other side of the right wall, Wario can again drop down to a lower path (avoiding the Piranha Plants at the bottom) and head right to find two more blocks with the same contents. After jumping across two floating platforms above a wide row of Piranha Plants, the door can be found on the other side, which leads to the interior of Syrup Castle. Inside, two Batto Shuruken fire Kōmori Missiles from both walls while a Guragura guards the goal door.


If Wario drops down the last gap before the final door, he can land on a safe part of the ground next to the Piranha Plant bed, where the key can be found inside the block on the right wall. On the ground, the player can see that the patch of leaves continues into the wall and ends after a short distance. Wario can walk through this wall towards the right to find the treasure room door. The treasure Wario obtains is a whale statue worth 7,000 coins.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]