Course No.01

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Course No.01
Rice Beach, Course 1.
World Rice Beach
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Time limit 400 seconds
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Course No.01 is the first course of Rice Beach in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, and the first in the game overall. It is a relatively straightforward level with only a few distractions, and it takes place close to the tide of the beach. Like Course No.03, after the player clears the world, the tide rises, which causes the majority of the level to be partially submerged in water. The level can no longer be replayed in its original state after this.


The course starts with a simple straightaway with two blocks and a Wanderin' Goom. It soon becomes a more busy level; barrels are scattered everywhere and Pirate Gooms attempt to halt Wario's progress. About one-third of the way through the level, a ladder leads to a short underground section where coins and hearts can be obtained. Two more ladders lead out of the underground area, although the rightmost one cannot be reached in the level's current state. Both go straight to the surface, but one leads to an area enclosed by barrels and blocks; if Wario breaks the blocks, he will have to go back and use the other ladder. Just past the enclosed area is a small Muncher-infested area. Past the Munchers are more barrels and sand. Two-thirds through is another ladder, which leads to an area that has a long string of Munchers that cannot be traversed without taking damage. Just past the final ladder, there is a door that leads to the final room with the goal door. The first time the course is played, a small cutscene shows a Guragura using a 10 Gold Coin to open the goal door; a mural on the wall shows Wario how to do it as well. In the second and later times it is played, the Guragura attacks Wario.

High tide differences[edit]

Rice Beach, Course 1, at high tide.
The same area as shown right, now flooded.

Upon re-entering the level after clearing the world, the music is changed, and one to four tile-high water engulfs parts of the level's surface, while the underground sections are completely flooded. Because of this, the rightmost ladder in the first underground section can now be reached, and Wario can now safely swim over the Muncher pit in the second underground section. Past the Munchers are a Dragon Pot and a room with a 3-Up Heart.