Course No.36

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Course No.36
WLSML3 Course No 36.png
World Parsley Woods
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Time limit 400 seconds
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Course No.36 is the sixth course and boss level of Parsley Woods in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. The level returns to the forest-like setting seen in Course No.31, and even features the same obstacles found in that level. The ghost is fought at the end of the level.


The first portion of the level features pits with beds of Piranha Plants at the bottom. After Wario jumps over the first pit, a Pikkarikun begins to give chase, and a spiked ball drops from the tree above and rolls towards him. After jumping over the remaining series of Piranha Plant pits, Wario must make his way across a glade littered with half-broken blocks and Pirate Gooms. At one point, there is a set of blocks on a raised platform between two flat platforms; if Wario breaks these, they reveal a door that leads to a small room with a giant block containing a 3-Up Heart. The Pikkarikun stops chasing Wario after the half-broken blocks, where Wario finds another door leading to the save point.

After the save point door, Wario must walk under a row of low ceilings, where spiked balls fall from the trees between them, which can only be avoided by ducking in the small gaps in the ground, or using his horns to cling to the ceilings as Bull Wario. Another Pikkarikun begins to pursue Wario shortly after. Past the row of three blocks containing a heart, coin and Dragon Pot, Wario must jump along a series of raised platforms of different heights, some of which are occupied by Pirate Gooms. Following that, Wario must traverse a series of wide Piranha Plant beds using the platforms while avoiding spiked balls from above. The door leading to the ghost's lair is located on the other side. To defeat the ghost, Wario must stun and throw the Yarikuri Obake it sends out back at it three times. After it is defeated, many 10 Gold Coins are released and Wario is granted access to the final world in the game, Syrup Castle.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]