Course No.18

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Course No.18
Sherbet Land, Course 18. Also shows a Bucket Head.
World Sherbet Land
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Time limit 400 seconds
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Course No.18 is the second secret course of Sherbet Land in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. It is accessed after finding the secret exit in Course No.16.


Past a few Harisu in the first part of the level, Wario encounters a row of spikes covered by ice blocks, as well as a door on the other side of it in front of a slightly wider row of spikes Wario cannot normally cross. After entering the door, a ! Block can be found inside a small room suspended above another door, which takes Wario to the other side of the second row of spikes, but also in front of another, even wider row. Hitting the ! Block creates a series of ice blocks over the third spike bed, allowing Wario to cross them safely (although this also makes the previous ice blocks disappear). On the other side, Wario comes across a long stretch of water; halfway through is a small island with a door that can only be accessed by breaking the blocks above it with Dragon Wario's fire or Bull Wario's Ground Pound. The door leads to a small room with several coins, a save point and a bottomless gap in the middle.

After exiting the water, Wario must walk and jump across a series of ice platforms with many Harisu until he reaches the door at the end. The door takes Wario to a snow- and ice-free area resembling that of Mt. Teapot, where a Bucket Head guards the goal door.


The treasure room door is found at the start of the level before the first row of spikes, although the process to unlock it is relatively longer than those of other levels. If Wario hits the ! Block and returns to the door between the first and second spike bed, a ladder leading upwards appears, which remains there regardless of whether the ! Block is activated or deactivated (although it must be activated in order to progress). After ascending the ladder, Wario reaches a wide, frozen path with more Harisu leading to another door. The door leads to a room with a Pouncer on either end, and a D.D. and three blocks in the middle, the second of which contains the key, although unbreakable blocks surround the top of the three blocks, preventing access to it. If Wario proceeds through the door on the right side of the room, he will enter a vertical ice cave with ladders and alcoves on both sides occupied by Bucket Heads. They cannot currently harm Wario directly, and he can simply drop down to the bottom of the cave, collecting the trail of coins on the way. A door lies in the middle between two beds of spikes, which leads to a small room with an activated ! Block.

After deactivating the ! Block, the Bucket Heads become more of a threat to Wario, as the block creates rows of ice blocks that they can walk on and allow them to shoot snowflakes directly at him. In order to return to the room with the key, Wario must climb up the ladders and ice blocks back to the door. The unbreakable blocks from before are now gone, having disappeared after deactivating the ! Block, making the key obtainable. Wario can then simply carry the key back to the treasure room door, where the treasure he obtains is an oil lamp worth 9,000 coins.