Course No.02

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Course No.02
Rice Beach, Course 2. Also shows Togemaru.
World Rice Beach
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Time limit 400 seconds
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Course No.02 is the second course of Rice Beach in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. Unlike Course No.01, this level takes place more inland, and is mostly flat with many floating platforms and boxes.


Wario in the cave with the White puffs.

Wario can take two paths: he can stay on the ground and continue through the level, or climb on rocky outcroppings serving as platforms to a door. If Wario chooses the lower path, he must avoid Droppers that attempt to fall on his head and Pirate Gooms walking along the ground. Once Wario has progressed a bit more, he comes upon a large structure with many blocks and bridge-like outcroppings. If Wario jumps right on the very top of this structure, he can gain access to a hidden room containing Pouncers, Droppers, and spikes. Past these hazards is another door that leads to a long stretch of appearing and disappearing platforms. Wario can collect the coins above the platforms while traversing them and avoiding Pirate Gooms. If Wario manages to make it across, he finds two blocks containing hearts and, upon jumping down, reaches the end of the level. However, if Wario does not go to the hidden room, he must continue past a Togemaru to reach a door to a save point.

The save point can also be reached via the door on the upper path at the beginning of the level. Through the door are three White puffs that only Dragon Wario can defeat. They will attempt to propel Wario into spikes on the low ceiling. Past the White puffs is a ladder that Wario must climb down. After the ladder is a Dropper, another White puff and an additional ladder, which, once again, Wario must climb down. Wario then lands in some water, where Helmuts and Droppers impede his progress. Past the water is the save point and a door to the rest of the level. Upon exiting the door, Wario must break free from some blocks to continue and avoid more Droppers and Pirate Gooms.

The final stretch of the level contains multiple Togemaru and Pirate Gooms and more appearing and disappearing platforms that can be used to gather more coins. After Wario enters the door at the end leading into the final room, a D.D. is found guarding the goal door.



A screenshot of the glitchy tiles.
  • At the very top row of the level from the beginning to about one-quarter through, there is a long line of tiles made up of the boxes and platforms seen throughout the level. The player is able to see this by obtaining a Jet Pot and flying directly left from the second door.
  • In WarioWare: Smooth Moves, a level that appears to be based on Course No.2 appears in one of the difficulty levels for the Wario Land microgame.