Course No.34

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Course No.34
Parsley Woods, Course 34
World Parsley Woods
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Time limit 400 seconds
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Course No.34 is the fourth course of Parsley Woods in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. It is a vertical level set on the Fork Tree, a large tree that serves as the main landmark of Parsley Woods.


The level starts at the base of the Fork Tree, where a Pikkarikun immediately begins to attack Wario. A block at the beginning contains a Garlic Pot, while a block containing a heart can be found on the right side. To scale the tree, Wario must ascend a series of ladders and platforms, most of which are occupied by Pirate Gooms (another Pikkarikun also appears higher up), until he reaches a door, which leads inside the Fork Tree where it is filled with water. Wario must swim upwards while avoiding the mines and Pinwheels along the way. The door as well as another block containing a heart are found at the top.

After emerging back outside, Wario encounters more Pirate Gooms and Chicken Ducks. Several more platforms lead up to two doors: the left one is Wario's path upward, while the right one leads to the save point. A Jet Pot can be obtained from a block above the right door. Upon heading through the left door, Wario appears back inside the Fork Tree; after swimming up a short distance, he arrives at the Fork Tree's "prongs" which form three paths. If Wario continues swimming up, a heart and Dragon Pot can be found at a dead end in the middle prong. The right prong leads to the treasure room door located at the top of a series of platforms, while the left prong leads to the goal door located at the top of a long ladder. While outside, if Wario jumps from the top of either the left or right prong towards the middle one, he will land on a small platform with a single D.D. and two blocks containing a heart and Garlic Pot.


The key to the treasure room door on the right prong can be found inside the block next to the goal door. Unlike other treasure rooms, this one is set in a small space on top of the Fork Tree rather than a vault. The treasure obtained is a baseball glove worth 4,000 coins.