Course No.14

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Course No.14
World Sherbet Land
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Time limit 400 seconds
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Course No.14 is the first course of Sherbet Land in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. It is set on the bridge leading to the main iceberg, with certain parts of it that can collapse if Wario steps on them.


The first part of the level involves Wario crossing a series of interconnected bridges occupied by Pirate Gooms and Watches. From the second bridge onwards, some of the floor boards collapse as soon as Wario makes contact with them. About a quarter way through is a long bridge with missing floor boards, requiring Wario to jump across the remaining ones, some of which collapse as well. Wario eventually reaches a flat, stable platform with a block containing a Dragon Pot and a door leading to the save point.

Past the save point, Wario must jump across multiple platforms and pillars over the bottomless pit while avoiding damage from Watches. Wario will then come across another small platform with a high bridge. Parts of this bridge also collapse, though Wario can use the resulting gaps to jump down to a low platform to hit a block containing a heart. After crossing the high bridge, Wario finds a pair of high and low broken-down bridges with few steady and collapsing floor boards, which also requires him to jump across. Several Watches are found here, as well as coins above and below the floor boards, the latter of which can be collected by riding a floor board down as it falls. The door leading to the final room is found on the other side of the bridge guarded by two Pirate Gooms.

The final room is an icy cave within Sherbet Land's iceberg with a lone Bucket Head. The goal door here is already open; however, if Wario overshoots it walking along the frozen ground, he will land on the spikes on the other side and take damage.