Course No.15

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Course No.15
WLSML3 Course No 15.png
World Sherbet Land
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Time limit 400 seconds
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Course No.15 is the second course of Sherbet Land in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. It is the first of two levels in the world to feature two exits.


The level starts in an indoor area filled with Pirate Gooms where Wario must climb down a ladder to a door. As he does, four more Pirate Gooms attempt to poke him from the walls on either side. The second area is a large ice cave with many Wanderin' Gooms and Harisu, as well as other enemies frozen in large blocks of ice. The cave's path once again leads downwards, and Wario must climb down short ladders (the second of which leads to a small Conveyor Belt directed towards a spike trap) to descend to the lower floors until he reaches a Pouncer guarding the door to a small room with a Guragura and a save point on a high platform.

After leaving the save point room, Wario enters another ice cave with a single D.D., beds of spikes, as well as ice blocks on the east side of the cave confining more D.D.s and the goal door. A door is found at the cave's end, which leads to a small room with several breakable blocks and a ! Block. Activating the ! Block makes the ice blocks in the previous room disappear, clearing the way to the goal door, although this also frees the trapped D.D.s.

Secret exit[edit]

If Wario walks towards the left past the goal door after activating the ! Block, there is a stairway formed by ice blocks leading up to a door guarded by another D.D. The door leads to a small interconnecting room with a Gaugau. The area after that is another ice cave with a long row of spike traps at the bottom as well as the second goal door positioned just above the middle of it. Wario must jump along the ice platforms to reach the door on the other side, which takes him to a small room with a Conveyor Belt and a ! Block. Activating it produces a row of ice blocks along the bottom of the previous cave, allowing Wario to walk safely over the spikes and to the goal door, which unlocks the path to Course No.17.