Course No.05

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Course No.05
Rice Beach, Course 5.
World Rice Beach
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Time limit 400 seconds
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Course No.05 is the fifth course and boss level of Rice Beach in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. The Spiked Koopa is fought at the end of the level.


Wario facing the Spiked Koopa, the boss of Rice Beach, in Course 5.
Wario preparing to fight the Spiked Koopa.

After jumping over the lone barrel at the start of the level, Wario encounters a Gaugau guarding the door to the next room. Four Pouncers are found in this room, the second of which hovers above multiple blocks which Wario must break while avoiding the Pouncer's spikes from the knockback, while the fourth is found above a Conveyor Belt moving left. Once Wario progresses to the next room, he must avoid two Sparkies as he squeezes through one of the two passageways to the next door and the save point.

When Wario enters the next room, he is immediately confronted by a Penkoon. Wario encounters three more among the many ledges and half-broken bricks found throughout the area, until he reaches a door, several unbreakable blocks and a wall he cannot jump over. The door leads to a small room with a single ! Block. When activated, the switch makes the unbreakable blocks disappear, allowing Wario to hit the Face Blocks and collect the hearts inside and making the jump over the wall. Once over it, Wario encounters another Penkoon guarding the boss door leading to the Spiked Koopa.

The battle with the Spiked Koopa takes place in a large, sandy cave. The Spiked Koopa attacks by ducking into its shell and moving back and forth, and also burrows beneath the sand before it leaps out to attack Wario. He can be damaged by launch a side-tackle when it is standing, or attacking it from its underside while it is in the air. After three hits, it is defeated and Wario is granted access to Mt. Teapot.