Course No.10

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Course No.10
Mt. Teapot, Course 10
World Mt. Teapot
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Time limit 400 seconds
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Course No.10 is the fourth course of Mt. Teapot in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. The level takes place on the mountain's summit. This specific course layout becomes inaccessible once Wario activates the giant ! Block that causes the "lid" of Mt. Teapot to land on the summit, after which it becomes Course No.13 instead.


Unlike most other courses where they are split into multiple rooms, this course mainly consists of one very long area. The first part of the area contains both water and land at first, where Wario can collect many power-ups, coins, and hearts while avoiding the Watches in the air and the Pinwheels in the water. Halfway through the body of water is a small passage with coins above a row of spiky corals that can only be accessed with Jet Wario or Dragon Wario. About halfway through the level itself, Wario encounters a large mountain, which serves as Mt. Teapot's highest point, which he must scale using the ladders while avoiding Yadorā. Once at the peak, Wario can descend down a shaft to collect more coins and hearts, although the entrance is sealed off by a block that can only be broken with Bull Wario's Ground Pound. Also on the peak is a door leading to a vertical room with the save point. In the same room, Wario can climb down the ladders and gather several coins suspended above a bottomless pit. After descending to the other side of the mountain, there is another long stretch of water with many Watches. When Wario progresses through the door at the end of the area to the final room, he must navigate past a Pouncer and climb onto multiple ladders over a bottomless pit before he reaches the level's exit.