Course No.13

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Course No.13
Mt. Teapot, Course No.13. Shows Wario fighting the Minotaur
World Mt. Teapot
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Time limit 400 seconds
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Course No.13 is the boss stage of Mt. Teapot in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. It replaces Course No.10 on the map after Wario hits the large ! Block at the end of Course No.12 and the lid falls on top of Mt. Teapot, and is a redesign of it. The Minotaur is fought at the end of the level.


Mt. Teapot, Course 13
Wario confronting the Minotaur.

The basic layout of the first area in the course is almost exactly the same as Course No.10's; it is a long, somewhat watery area with many outcroppings and small platforms. However, the water level has been lowered, and the Watches are replaced by Konotako. Additionally, the passage of coins is no longer accessible. Also, since the water level is only one tile high, the Pinwheels in the area can move twice as fast as before, since they are unable to move one tile up. Another major change is that there are very long walls that come directly from the ceiling and large boulders that are strewn about the course. This signifies the crashing of the lid, as the new obstacles appeared from the force of the crash.

After the long flat area, Wario must once again scale the peak of Mt. Teapot. Like last time, there are many Yadorā on the way up; this time, however, the top of the peak is blocked off, and if Wario attempts to climb down the east side, he will be stopped by a large, impassable wall. Wario can still enter the exact same save point room as in Course No.10, which remains unchanged. To progress through the level, Wario must climb a ladder or fall down the shaft previously only accessible as Bull Wario to find a new door that was opened by the crash. Through the door, a Pouncer begins to pursue Wario through a series of caverns. If Wario doesn't break any of the blocks to open the way through, the Pouncer will continue to travel upwards; Wario can use it to reach a higher path and find coins or blocks containing hearts and power-ups. At the end of the cave on the other side of a small bottomless pit is the door leading to the Minotaur. To defeat him, Wario must stun him, pick him up and throw him into the lava. Upon winning, Wario gains a multitude of coins and is able to advance to Stove Canyon.