Course No.04

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Course No.04
Rice Beach, Course 4.
World Rice Beach
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Time limit 400 seconds
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Course No.04 is the fourth course of Rice Beach in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. For the majority of the level, Wario is chased by a slow-moving Pouncer; if he touches it from the side or below, he will instantly lose a life.


The Pouncer begins chasing Wario through a narrow passageway as soon as he enters the level. Along the way, Wario must break through multiple blocks until he reaches a lava pit. Wario must then wait on the nearby high platform until the Pouncer catches up to him; once it does, it becomes Wario's sole method of completing the level: it floats along the lava, allowing Wario to stand on top of it where there are no spikes and ride it across. While standing on the Pouncer, Wario must avoid spikes by crouching and Demon Bats by jumping over them. Coins and hearts are also found along the way. At one point, Wario must jump off of the Pouncer and navigate a series of rocks before riding back on it. After crossing the lava, Wario must then run ahead of the Pouncer, which chases him again, through another passageway. When Wario reaches the door to the next room, the Pouncer stops chasing him and simply disappears through some spikes in the ceiling.

The second (and final) room contains yet another Pouncer, although this time it behaves normally, attempting to fall on and crush Wario. Two Pirate Gooms also wander in the room. If Wario throws them below the Pouncer and it crushes them, he receives a 10 Gold Coin for each one. This time, the goal door is already open without requiring a 10 Gold Coin, due to the possibility of the player not having enough coins by the time they reach the end and the inability to backtrack through the level.