Course No.03

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Course No.03
Rice Beach, Course 3.
World Rice Beach
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Time limit 400 seconds
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Course No.03 is the third course of Rice Beach in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. The level features large amounts of quicksand, which limits Wario's jumping and moving capibilities and can cause Wario to sink into pits often inhabited by Munchers and Yadorā. It is also the first level with a treasure and secret exit, and like Course No.01, after the world is cleared, the tide on the world map rises and submerges the majority of the level in water. The level can no longer be replayed in its original state after this.


Upon entering the level, Wario is confronted by a Wanderin' Goom and a few Yadorā. Wario must avoid these creatures and some Munchers as he enters the first quicksand pit, though he can obtain power-ups from the blocks above the sand with some quick jumping. When Wario leaps out of the quicksand, he must avoid another Yadorā and leap into more sand. Inside this pit is yet another Yadorā and two blocks. Wario can hit them only if he has a Jet Pot or a Dragon Pot. After Wario bounds out of the second trap, he finds some poles with sinking sand between them and coins above them. Above the fourth pole is a hidden block with a heart in it. Just past the poles is a pyramid of barrels; Wario must progress past these or fall between the fourth and fifth poles into a secret door. Through this door, many coins and blocks can be found, as well as a Gaugau. After defeating it, Wario must smash through many breakable blocks to another door, which leads to a ladder leading out to the rest of the level. However, if Wario does not go through the secret door, he will find a door to a save point.

Past the ladder, Wario finds a long stretch of flat ground filled with small quicksand traps and Yadorā. If Wario falls into a trap, he tumbles into a larger pit filled with sand and Munchers at the bottom. To the right is a ladder leading out of the pit and to the front of the door to the final room with the level's exit. In the room, there are three waterfalls of quicksand that Wario must pass through and two Pirate Gooms that Wario must avoid en route to the goal door.

High tide differences[edit]

Rice Beach, Course 3 at high tide.
Wario hopping over the normal exit to find the secret one to Course No.06.

After clearing Rice Beach, the music is changed, and all of the level's quicksand is replaced with water. The final room is also now completely flooded, granting Wario access to the secret exit to Course No.06. A treasure door also appears near the beginning of the level.

Secret exit[edit]

In the final room when it is flooded, Wario can leap out of the water over the wall past the goal door to reach a path with a lone Pirate Goom leading to the secret goal door that unlocks Course No.06. The path can also be reached before the flood by jumping from the last quicksand waterfall at the right height.


Inside the first now-watery hole is the treasure door that leads to one of the pirates' treasures. Wario can obtain it by acquiring a Dragon Pot and hopping in the second pool of water with the two blocks, one of which holds the key to the door. The treasure is a goblet worth 9,000 coins.