Course No.39

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Course No.39
WLSML3 Course No 39.png
World Syrup Castle
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Time limit 400 seconds
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Course No.39 is the third and penultimate course of Syrup Castle in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. It takes place on the middle floor of the castle, and also hides the last treasure in the game.


The level begins outside the castle, where Pirate Gooms and Watches patrol the area. Wario first comes across a wall and a floating platform used to jump over it with blocks containing a Bull Pot and heart on either side. Past the wall and two Watches, Wario finds two blocks containing more collectibles surrounded by breakable blocks; some distance later, he finds a small, coin-filled area in the ground blocked off by breakable blocks that can only be accessed with Bull Wario's ground pound. The door leading to the next area lies on the other side past some more enemies.

In this interconnecting room, Wario must crawl under a series of low ceilings to avoid the lances hanging off of them, at the same time jumping between the columns to avoid damage from the Pirate Gooms walking along the ground. A Garlic Pot can be obtained from a block located between two of the columns. In the next outdoor area, Wario must jump on a Spring-Up to cross a large chasm and reach the platform on the other side, which has a door leading to a small, dark room filled with coins and lava pits. A Batto Shuruken shoots Kōmori Missiles from the right wall, where the save point is located.

On the platform with the save point door, Wario must cross another wide chasm with the use of a Spring-Up. Wario then arrives at a long corridor with several D.D.s wandering about. After re-entering the castle via the door at the end of the corridor, Wario must ride a series of skull elevators while avoiding falling into the lava below to make his way towards the door on the other side. After passing through an interconnecting room with a Penkoon, Wario finds a giant ! Block. Upon hitting it, the level ends and the inner part of Syrup Castle is demolished, revealing what appears to be the core column supporting the castle.


Bull Wario is first required to reach the treasure. Upon reaching the corridor with the D.D.s, there are two Spring-Ups covered by four breakable blocks that Bull Wario must ground pound to access the former. After using them to reach the upper level, Wario must navigate his way through a winding passage towards a door, which leads him to the middle of an X-shaped room. The top-right corner contains the block holding the key, while the top-left leads to the treasure room door, although it is blocked off by half-broken blocks. Wario must be Dragon Wario to use his fire to break the blocks (a Dragon Pot can be found at the bottom-right corner of the room), although it is also possible to do this as Bull Wario (a Garlic Pot can be found at the bottom-left corner) and Jet Wario. The final treasure is a jeweled ring worth 6,000 coins.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]