Course No.40

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Course No.40
WLSML3 Course No 40.png
World Syrup Castle
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Time limit 400 seconds
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Course No.40 is the fourth course and boss level of Syrup Castle in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, and the final course in the game overall. It takes place in and outside the castle's skull on the top floor, where Wario encounters Captain Syrup and the final boss Genie is fought at the end.


Wario starts on a balcony in the sky with a block containing a Garlic Pot and an invisible block three blocks to the right of it containing a heart. Beyond the balcony is a wide chasm, which Wario can only traverse by bouncing on the trampoline blocks in succession. Coins are scattered throughout this area, and another invisible block containing a heart is located above the last set of trampoline blocks on the left side. Wario eventually reaches a set of pillars standing in the clouds, with more blocks containing collectibles on the side that can only be hit from the side after ground pounding the breakable blocks next to them. A Pirate Goom occupies the first pillar, while another invisible heart block can be found two blocks to the left of the block with the Garlic Pot on the last pillar. After that, Wario must traverse another wide chasm using trampoline blocks, where many more coins can be collected, until he reaches a platform with a door. The door leads to a dark, vertical room, where the save point and a Batto Shuruken are located on the bottom floor down the ladder.

Following the save point, Wario must cross an even wider chasm; this time, the trampoline blocks are separate and not clustered together. After passing under a row of half-broken blocks, the trampoline blocks become more spaced apart and have columns of coins above them. Towards the end, Wario can even find coins located off-screen as he bounces between the trampoline blocks. Wario eventually reaches a short corridor ending at the door to the next room (with a block containing a Garlic Pot above it), where he encounters the Knight. Blocks containing two Garlic Pots are found here (which Wario can obtain if he takes damage), as well as a locked door on the other side that can only be opened by defeating the Knight. To do so, Wario must attack it from behind three times. After entering the locked door, Wario appears at the bottom of a dark shaft with ladders leading up to the door at the top, and Batto Shuruken on opposite walls shooting Kōmori Missiles. After reaching the top, Wario enters the final room before the boss patrolled by two Guragura and a Pirate Goom. In the middle of the room, Wario must defeat the Pirate Goom walking under the row of lances and carefully crawl under it himself to reach the door on the other side, which leads to Captain Syrup's room. An extra Garlic Pot can be obtained from the block above the door just before entering.

Wario acquiring the lamp from Captain Syrup after Genie is defeated

Upon seeing Wario, Captain Syrup rubs a mysterious lamp and summons Genie, then rides on his shoulder as he fights Wario. To defeat Genie, Wario must jump on his head six times; in order to reach him, Wario must throw the lamp until it stands upright, which causes it to produce clouds that Wario can use as platforms to reach Genie's head. After Genie is defeated, it disappears and Wario earns 300 coins. Frustrated, Captain Syrup deploys a bomb that destroys the entire castle, revealing its core support column which turns out to be a giant statue of Princess Toadstool. Shortly after Wario escapes the explosion, Mario appears in his helicopter and takes the statue for himself, leaving Wario with only the lamp. When Wario rubs it, however, the Genie reappears, now no longer hostile, and grants Wario a reward based on his coin count (including the coins received from exchanging his treasure collection). After the scene ends, the staff credits roll.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]