Course No.07

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Course No.07
Mt. Teapot, Course 7
World Mt. Teapot
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Time limit 400 seconds
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Course No.07 is the first course of Mt. Teapot in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. It is a water-filled level that introduces small mine obstacles that explode a couple seconds after Wario touches them.


The first part of the level is a long stretch of water with Watches attacking from the air and Pinwheels from the water. Mines are scattered throughout the level, one of which is found on land in front of the level's entrance and can be picked up and thrown, but can damage Wario if held onto for too long. About one-third of the way through the level is a door at the bottom of the water hidden by blocks, which can only be destroyed when Wario has a Jet Pot (found in this level) or a Dragon Pot. Inside the door is a large block with a 3-Up Heart. A long row of invisible blocks holding coins can also be found to the left of the door. Later in the level is another door hidden by blocks, which leads to a long shaft with a ladder. Halfway through the shaft is a save point, and if Wario climbs to the top and takes the exit back out, he will find two blocks containing a heart and a Garlic Pot. Past the door is a small maze-like area filled with mines and breakable blocks that block the way forward. Unless Wario is Jet Wario or Dragon Wario, the only way through is by activating some of the mines, which causes them to break any nearby blocks. This maze-like area can also be bypassed by flying over it from the door with the two blocks as Jet Wario, where several coins can be found. Following the maze-like area, there is a short passageway filled with coins also blocked by breakable blocks and mines, although going through it is optional. At the end of the long, watery area is the door to the final room. In this room, there are multiple currents in the water that attempt to pull Wario to the depths and make him lose a life, while two Watches hover over the water. On the other side of the currents is the goal door.