Course No.27

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Course No.27
WLSML3 Course No 27.png
World SS Tea Cup
Game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Time limit 400 seconds
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Course No.27 is the second course of SS Tea Cup in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. The first half of the level is set in water, while the second half is set on a beach.


When Wario dives into the water, a Helmut swims up from below and a Goboten begins to chase and attack Wario. At the bottom-left, there are two blocks containing hearts, although the leftmost one can only be hit with Dragon Wario's fire. A block containing a Jet Pot can be found against the wall to the right of the Goboten. As Wario heads right in the water, he will encounter more Goboten and another Helmut. Part way through, there are two rock formations Wario can sink between to reach some coins and a block containing a Dragon Pot. Following that, Wario will find two rows of blocks containing coins, hearts and a Bull Pot guarded by two more Goboten. Towards the end is a rock arch with coins in its center blocked off by breakable bricks; if Wario is Jet Wario or Dragon Wario, he can break the bricks to collect the coins and make it to the other side where the door is located, otherwise he must swim over the arch while avoiding two Helmuts.

The door leads to a flooded cave with Pirate Gooms walking back and forth underwater and Droppers on the ceiling. After swimming across, Wario will climb a ladder up to the next door, where a Conveyor Belt moving left can be found attached to the ceiling. As Bull Wario, Wario can stick to the Conveyor Belt with his horns to reach a door blocked off by bricks and guarded by a Pirate Goom. Through the door is a small room with a Jet Pot, a 100 Coin and the save point.

After entering the door under the Conveyor Belt, Wario will appear in a beach area with many Pirate Gooms and Bee Flies. Wario first has to jump over a bed of Munchers between the barrels. Above the Munchers and next to one of the barrels is a single block containing a heart that can only be hit with Dragon Wario's fire from the other side of the barrel. After that, another block with a heart can be found on a high ledge, which can only be hit by revealing an invisible block on the ledge to the right of it and again using Dragon Wario's fire through the wall, and can be reached using another invisible block on the left ledge. Just past the ledges is another bed of Munchers with a ladder next to it, which leads to a high platform made of breakable blocks used to cross the Munchers. If Dragon Wario uses his fire over the Munchers, it reveals multiple invisible blocks, creating a path to the rightmost underside of the platform with coins and a block containing a Star. After jumping over a few barrels, Wario has to jump between two stacks of barrels with a hole in between. Inside the hole is a small platform occupied by a Pirate Goom in the middle of two Muncher beds, several coins Wario can collect and an invisible block he can use to jump out. The goal door is located on the other side of the barrels.