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Three Roosters

Roosters[1] are male members of a chicken species that appears in Wario Land II. Roosters are quite tall in appearance, being the same size as Wario. They have sharp beaks which they use to defend themselves. Wario's pet hen is a female member of their species, and more hens may have been the chickens in the modern version of the Game & Watch title Fire Attack in Game & Watch Gallery 4.

Roosters have only appeared as enemies in Wario Land II, mainly in stage 2-1: Return the hen to her nest; they could also be found in another level. They behave friendly as long as Wario ignores them. However, as soon as Wario touches them or is holding the hen, they will get enraged and peck at him which will cost him some coins if he gets hit.

Roosters are immune to Wario's charging, and are stunned by it instead. While stunned, they can be picked up. Roosters are heavy enemies, and Wario's speed and jump distance will decrease while carrying one. They can only be defeated by Ground Pounding on them.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オンドリ[2]


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