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WL2 E FlyingFish.png

Tobī are aquatic creatures, which appear in Wario Land II. They leap out of the water, similar to Cheep Cheeps of the Mario franchise except they make the player bounce backwards rather than cause damage. They are depicted with gazing eyeballs and their mouths are wide open, showing their disproportionally huge incisors. They are brown in the Game Boy Color-enhanced re-release. Wario first encounters them in his castle after the Black Sugar Gang has flooded his entire home. Though Tobī are absent from Wario Land 3, another enemy resembling a tadpole adapts its behavior, with the added effect of causing Wario to roll.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トビー[1]
Common name "Toby", also likely from「飛魚」(tobiuo, flying fish)


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