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This article is about the ball-throwing enemies from Wario Land II. For the penguins found in the Mario series, see Penguin.
A Penguin as it appears in the English version of Wario Land II

Penguins[1] are enemies found in Wario Land II, where they are members of the Black Sugar Gang. They look like bipedal penguins with a menacing beak and a bandanna tied around their head. In the English version of the game, they carry large black orbs with them, which they will throw at Wario if he gets in range. If the orb hits Wario, he will become dizzy and controlling him will become much harder. Penguins mostly appear in areas with small platforms and many opportunities to fall down a pit. There is also always a body of water near them which can be used to cure the status ailments they evoke.

Penguins appear with mugs of beer in the Japanese version of Wario Land II

Differences in the Japanese version[edit]

Penguins have a different design in the Japanese version of Wario Land II, where they carry beer mugs around and will splash alcohol in Wario's face when they see him. The beer mugs have been replaced with iron orbs in other versions, probably in order to not encourage excessive alcohol consumption.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ペンギン[2]


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