Megaleg's Moon

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Megaleg's Moon
The top of Megaleg's head
Location Bowser Jr.'s Robot Reactor
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
Boss(es) Megaleg
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“Something very important is at stake in the battle against Megaleg, a giant cannon battery with mechanical legs that lives on its own Moon in Bowser Jr.'s Robot Reactor. Defeating this boss requires Mario to coax Megaleg into fireing its own Bullet Bills at itself.”
Super Mario Galaxy Trading Card Description

Megaleg's Moon is the first boss mission of Super Mario Galaxy. It is found in Bowser Jr.'s Robot Reactor. The primary goal in this mission is for Mario (or Luigi) to battle Megaleg.


Megaleg exploding
Megaleg defeated

Mario initially lands on the Starting Planet. There are three cages on the planet that must be hit by Bullet Bills and a couple of Goombeetles. Mario must get a Bullet Bill to a cage that contains a Launch Star leading to the Robot Reactor, where Megaleg is fought. Mario starts on the ground and Megaleg blasts Bullet Bills and tries to step on him to defeat him. There are multiple cages on the other side of the planet that a Bullet Bill can break open. If Mario runs up Megaleg's leg when it is on the ground, he reaches an area where three Bullet Bills are blasted at once. After dodging those Bullet Bills he must then move on to a turning gear area where he must hop the gears. Finally, he reaches Megaleg's head where there is a cage and a Bullet Bill launcher. Mario must destroy the cage to open up another cage, this one being regenerative, that he must destroy and a third cage in the middle of that one. Once Mario destroys all the cages, Megaleg explodes and Mario falls to the ground with the Grand Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 三本足さんぼんあしのデカいヤツ!
Sanbon-ashi no dekai yatsu!
The Huge Dude with Three Legs!

Chinese 长三条腿的大家伙!
Zhǎng sān tiáo tuǐ de dà jiāhuǒ!
The Giant Guy with Three Legs!

French (NOA) La Lune de Mégapod
Megaleg's Moon
French (NOE) Le gros truc à trois pattes
The Big Thing with Three Legs
German Der dreibeinige Riese!
The Tripodal Giant
Italian Il Gigante a Tre Piedi
The Three Feet Giant
Korean 다리 셋 달린 커다란 녀석!
Dari set dallin keodaran nyeoseok!
Three-Legged Giant Guy!

Spanish (NOA) La Luna de Megatrípode
Megatripod's Moon
Spanish (NOE) El trípode grandullón
The burly tripod