Honeyhive Cosmic Mario Race

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Honeyhive Cosmic Mario Race
Mario encounters Cosmic Mario at the Honeyhive Galaxy, in Super Mario Galaxy.
Location Honeyhive Galaxy
Mission # 4
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Honeyhive Cosmic Mario Race (called Honeyhive Cosmic Luigi Race when playing as Luigi) is the fourth mission in Honeyhive Galaxy. It can only be played if there is a Cosmic Comet nearby.


Upon entering the level, a cosmic doppelganger of the player appears and challenges the player, either Cosmic Mario if the player is controlling Mario or Cosmic Luigi if the player is controlling Luigi. They must both charge down the path to the bottom of the waterfall and Somersault up the block to get to the top. One more backflip lets him reach the tunnel that leads to the tube. Once at the bottom of the slide, he must Somersault once again to reach the area with honey. The Power Star is at the end of this area, past some sticky honey and bottomless pits. Grabbing the Power Star completes the race and the mission. If the Cosmic counterpart reaches the Power Star first, Mario loses a life.

Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese せ シャドウ! ミツバチ王国編おうこくへん
Oikose shadō! Mitsubachi Ōkoku hen
Overtake the Shadow! Honey Bee Kingdom Arc
Chinese 影子竞速!蜜蜂王国篇
Yǐngzǐ jìngsù! Mìfēng wángguó piān
Shadow Racing! Phase Honeyhive Kingdom
French (NOA) Devancez Votre Double au Royaume des Abeilles! Get Ahead of your Double in the Honeyhive Kingdom!
French (NOE) Devance ton double au royaume des abeilles! Get Ahead of your Double in the Honeyhive Kingdom!
German Überhol den Schatten! Overhaul the Shade!
Italian Corsa Fantasma! Regno Dolceape! Ghost Race! Honeybee Kingdom!
Korean 추월하라 그림자! 꿀벌왕국편
Chuwolhara geurimja! Kkulbeol wangguk pyeon
Outrun your Shadow! Phase Honeyhive Kingdom
Spanish (NOA) ¡Fantasma! El Reino de las Abejas Ghost! The Bee Kingdom
Spanish (NOE) ¡Corre, corre! Reino de las Abejas Run, run! Bee Kingdom