Frosty Cosmic Mario Race

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Frosty Cosmic Mario/Luigi Race
SMG Freezeflame Frosty Cosmic Mario.png
Location Freezeflame Galaxy
Mission # 4
Game Super Mario Galaxy
Boss(es) Cosmic Mario/Luigi
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Frosty Cosmic Mario Race (or Frosty Cosmic Luigi Race when playing as Luigi) is the fourth mission of the Freezeflame Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. Until the mission's completion, this mission can only be done while a Cosmic Comet is in orbit.


Cosmic Luigi
Racing against Cosmic Luigi.

The only planet visited are the ice platforms of the Ice and Lava Platforms. Cosmic Mario will appear after taking a few steps forward and challenge the player to a race across the icy platforms. All the platforms are stationary, and like with the previous mission, the paths are split into three, with gravity flipping at the end of the first and second paths. The Power Star is placed at the end of the third path, though if Cosmic Mario makes it to the end first, the player will lose a life and have to start the race over.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese せ シャドウ! こおり国編くにへん
Oikose shadō! Kōri no kuni hen
Overtake the Shadow! Ice Country Arc
Chinese 影子竞速!冰之国篇
Yǐngzi jìngsù! Bīng zhī guó piān
Shadow Racing! Phase Icy Country
French (NOA) Devancez Votre Double au Pays des Glaces! Get Ahead of your Double in the Ice Country!
French (NOE) Devance ton double au pays des glaces! Get ahead of your double in the ice country!
German Überhol den Schatten! Eiskalt... Overtake the Shadow! Ice-cold...
Italian Corsa Fantasma! Regno Gelido! Ghost Run! Icy Kingdom!
Korean 추월하라 그림자! 얼음왕국편
Chuwolhara geurimja! Eoreumwanggukpyeon
Outrun the Shadow! Phase Ice Kingdom
Spanish (NOA) ¡Fantasma! El Volcán Gélido Ghost! The Freezing Volcano
Spanish (NOE) ¡Corre, corre! Reino gélido Run, run! Icy kingdom