Hurry, He's Hungry

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Hurry, He's Hungry
Hurry Scurry Planet Sea Slide.png
Location Sea Slide Galaxy
Mission # 6
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Hurry, He's Hungry is the sixth mission of the Sea Slide Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. This mission is a hidden mission accessed during the regular mission The Silver Stars of Sea Slide. It is similar to the Hurry Scurry Galaxy mission Shrinking Satellite.


Making their way to the cannon, the player will find a Hungry Luma next to it. The Hungry Luma will ask the player to feed it forty Star Bits, which can be collected around the Sea Slide Galaxy. After obliging, the Hungry Luma will transform into a planet made out of shrinking platforms, which the player can reach by using the cannon. Upon landing on the planet, notes will appear on each of the tiles and the player needs to collect them all as the platforms disappear underneath them. Collecting all of the notes will cause the black hole in the middle of the planet to disappear and the Power Star will appear in its place.

In addition, the player can use the Bee Mushroom to become Bee Mario to make the mission easier.

Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハラペコチコの バンバンバニッシュ
Harapeko chiko no banban banisshu
Hungry Luma's Hurry-Scurry
Chinese 渐行渐逝的贪吃琪琪
Jiànxíngjiànshì de tānchī Qíqi
Hungry Luma on Fading Away
French (NOA) Embraye! Il a une Faim de Loup! Engage! He's Hungry like a Wolf
French (NOE) Le goinfre Luma des limbes The gluttonous Luma from limbo
German Bam Bam Bann von Gourmet-Luma Bam Bam Bann from Gourmet Luma
Italian Sfavillotto Ghiotto, Adieu! Hungry Luma, farewell!
Korean 꼬르륵치코의 배니쉬
Kkoreukchikoui baenishi
Vanish of Hungry Luma
Spanish (NOA) La Canción del Mar The Song of the Sea
Spanish (NOE) Destello Glotón Huyuyuy Hungry Luma Owowow


  • The Rainbow Notes collected in this mission will play the chromatic scale, as opposed to a Super Mario theme like most others would.
  • This Hungry Luma is the only one that doesn't create a Launch Star to travel to the planet or galaxy it created, instead making the player use a cannon.