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Peach unpacking and climbing into Mekakuribō
Species Robot Goomba
First appearance Super Mario (Super Mario Land) (1989)
“Mekakuribō's description”
Super Mario Land
Artwork of Mario and Mekakuribō on the Marine Pop.
Mario and Mekakuribō on the Marine Pop in the artwork from the back of the volume.

Mekakuribō is a robot Goomba helper that appears in Super Mario Land manga adaptation in the Super Mario series from KC Deluxe. It was originally meant as a birthday present for Princess Daisy, but Princess Peach uses it to help Mario (and check on him to make sure he does not flirt with other girls) by climbing into it and following him.

During their journey, Mekakuribō shares information about the area and the enemies (especially bosses), but Peach continuously breaks character in many situations, especially when Mario talks about other girls or perverted topics, causing her to hit him in a fit of jealousy. Despite the obvious giveaways, such as her jealousy outbursts and the fact that she cries and eats, Mario never catches that Mekakuribō is Peach, only suggesting such an idea as a joke after being slapped for thinking of using the Superballs to lift Peach's skirt.

While exploring the Easton Kingdom, Mario and Mekakuribō follows a strange cave girl named Suu-chan, who then gets rid of Mekakuribō when Mario goes into an underground area by knocking it out with a falling spike and tossing it into a river. Offscreen, Peach regains consciousness and reunites with Mario by the end of the chapter.

In Chai Kingdom, Mekakuribō is damaged by a Bullet Biff and, after taking refuge into a temple, offers to create a magic seal to protect Mario from the Pionpi. With the excuse of needing privacy, Mekakuribō locks itself into a room and Peach ejects from the suit. When the Pionpi invade the temple, Mario barges into the room, squashing the robot with the door, which falls into pieces. Mario cries over the loss of Mekakuribō, only to then see Peach, who explains everything and gives him the finished seal.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メカクリボー
Mecha Goomba