Main Courtyard Entrance

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Main Courtyard Entrance
SMO Bowser's Moon 55.png
Greater location Bowser's Kingdom
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

The Main Courtyard Entrance is a location in Bowser's Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. It serves as the entrance to the Main Courtyard at the center of the kingdom. Essentially, it is a large, floating platform connected via spark pylon to the Souvenir Shop. Topper and Hariet are fought here.

The entrance is a relatively empty area. There is a Checkpoint Flag on the bridge in the middle and a Jizo statue installed behind the building on the right. Mario may capture the statue and hop around a bit to find glowing spots have appeared in the ground. Moving the Jizo over these spots often reveals coins, hearts, and possibly a Life-Up Heart. There is a painting behind the building on the left leading to either the Snow Kingdom or Seaside Kingdom depending on the order in which they were visited first. Three regional coins may also be found atop this building.

Up ahead, there are two large, round platforms on either side of the large, golden Bowser Statues. Mario must fight Topper on the platform on the right and Hariet on the platform on the left. Defeating both of them reveals a Power Moon between the platforms Mario must collect to complete the mission and open up a bridge to the Main Courtyard.

There is a spark pylon atop the roof of the building on the right taking Mario to a separate area with a few Stairface Ogres. Defeating all of them earns Mario a Power Moon.

After this kingdom's Moon Rock has been cracked open, a few additional Power Moons become available in this area. Mario may return to where Topper was fought to find Yoofoe, which must be defeated to earn a Power Moon. A lock has also appeared near the spark pylon here, in front of flags floating nearby. Mario may grab on and use them as flagpoles to reach a key he must collect to unlock this Power Moon.

The final Power Moon involves collecting all of the notes that appear over the platform on which Hariet was previously fought. Collecting them all in the limited time awards Mario this Power Moon.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパ城 本丸入口
Kuppa Jō Honmaru Iruguchi
Bowser's Castle Ward Entrance
Spanish (NOE) Entrada al patio principal Main Courtyard Entrance