Greenhouse (yellow)

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The yellow greenhouse.
The yellow greenhouse as it appears in the arcade game
Level code R=02, 05, 08, 11, etc.
Game Donkey Kong 3
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The yellow greenhouse is one of the three greenhouses in Donkey Kong 3 and the final one of each set. It has two floors and Stanley must spray Donkey Kong up two ropes, avoiding the Creepies crawling across the vines (and the bottom platforms in the arcade version's later rounds) and the coconuts Donkey Kong throws. He also tosses a coconut at a beehive, which ejects a single Buzzbee. There cannot be more than one Buzzbee simultaneously in this stage. In the NES version, the Buzzbee is replaced with a Butterfly from R=17 onward. When Donkey Kong reaches the top, his head gets stuck in a beehive and, in the arcade version, he falls.

It can be considered the 100 m and Chain Scene of Donkey Kong 3, as it differs from the blue and gray greenhouses with how Donkey Kong attacks and defends himself.


  • Due to the overhead vines infested with Creepies, this greenhouse has the most similarities with the one in its predecessor, Green House.