Master Duff

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Master Duff
Master Duff from Mario Golf: Super Rush
Species Koopa Troopa
First appearance Mario Golf: Super Rush (2021)
“So. You have some familiarity with Lob Shots. But you are about to learn just how much there is YET to learn! Do you wish to learn the way of the Duff?”
Master Lob, Mario Golf: Super Rush

Master Duff is a one of the three Koopa Troopa masters in Mario Golf: Super Rush, the others being Master Stinger and Master Lob. He wears a blue robe and can be found in the Balmy Dunes Practice Area in Golf Adventure. After obtaining a letter of recommendation from Master Lob, he gives the player a challenge in which they must hit three balls into a pot. This challenge introduces the Duff Gauge; after setting the power of a shot, a circle will appear and start shrinking. The player must press A Button when the circle overlaps with the Duff Gauge to avoid duffing the ball. Like Master Stinger and Master Lob, there is a statue of Master Duff in Shelltop Sanctuary.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Maestro Duff
Master Duff