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Bowser Jr., Luigi, Yoshi, and Toad playing Speed Golf in Mario Golf: Super Rush.
Bowser Jr., Yoshi, and Luigi all using their Special Dashes

A Special Dash is a technique used in Mario Golf: Super Rush during Speed Golf and Battle Golf. It can be activated by pressing L Button as long as the player has enough stamina to use it, indicated by the meter being green. It allows players to tread ground faster than they do by simply running, while also ignoring the slowdown that normally comes from traversing unfavorable terrain such as rough or sand. Players can also run into other players to briefly stun them and steal their coins unless they are also in the middle of performing a Special Dash. Most enemies can also be taken out with Special Dashes. Each character has their own Special Dash with differing factors, such as some moving faster or lasting longer, or some being able to cross water and lava. Most Special Dashes consume five hearts of stamina; how much of the meter this depletes depends on the character's stamina stat. Koopa Troopa and Shy Guy are exceptions, since their Special Dashes have variable duration that can be controlled by the player.

List of Special Dashes[edit]

Character Special Dash Description Bypasses water and lava
Mario Moonsault Dash Mario does a small flip followed by a larger flip, then slides. X mark.svg
Luigi Speed-Skate Dash Luigi consumes an Ice Flower and becomes Ice Luigi, then skates across the course. He leaves behind an ice trail, causing players following directly behind him to slip. X mark.svg
Wario Jet-Pack Dash Wario turns his golf bag into a jet pack and hovers through the air. Check mark.svg
Waluigi Dance-Off Dash Waluigi spins around on one leg, then jumps and strikes a pose. X mark.svg
Peach Ribbon Dash Peach pulls out a rhythmic ribbon, leaps forward twice, then pirouettes. X mark.svg
Daisy Pinwheel Dash Daisy runs, front flips, then pirouettes through the air. X mark.svg
Yoshi Egg-Roll Dash Yoshi gets on top of a large egg and runs, rolling the egg around, then Flutter Jumps off. If using one of Yoshi's alternate colors, the color of the egg will match. X mark.svg
Donkey Kong DK Dash Donkey Kong slams the ground with his hands, leaps forward, and rolls. X mark.svg
Bowser Volcano Dash Bowser jumps forward, then slides while spinning and breathing fire. X mark.svg
Bowser Jr. Bullet Bill Dash Bowser Jr. rides on top of a Bullet Bill. Check mark.svg
Boo Carousel Dash Boo Buddies are summoned and circle around Boo. The Boos then spin while moving forward. Check mark.svg
Rosalina Luma Dash Rosalina spawns two Lumas, which spin around her as she hovers over the ground. Check mark.svg
Pauline Diva Dash Pauline runs forward, then jumps, turns around, and winks while fireworks go off. X mark.svg
Toad Tumble Dash Toad front flips four times, with the fourth flip being higher than the rest. X mark.svg
Chargin' Chuck End-Zone Dash Chargin Chuck runs forward, then jumps and slams into the ground. X mark.svg
King Bob-omb Kaboom Dash Multiple Bob-ombs appear and carry King Bob-omb while running, then explode and throw him forward. X mark.svg
Toadette Turnip-Toss Dash Toadette skips ahead several times while throwing turnips, then front flips at the end. X mark.svg
Koopa Troopa Dizzy Dash Koopa Troopa spins around in his shell. This Special Dash gradually consumes stamina instead of using a specific amount, and the player can control when it ends by pressing L Button, otherwise it will continue until the stamina meter runs out. Koopa Troopa will gain a burst of speed if he hits an opponent or an enemy. Check mark.svg1
Ninji Glide Dash Ninji leaps up and uses a black cloth to glide through the air. Check mark.svg
Shy Guy Fly Guy Dash A Fly Guy appears and carries Shy Guy around. This Special Dash gradually consumes stamina instead of using a specific amount, and the player can control when it ends by pressing L Button, otherwise it will continue until the stamina meter runs out. Check mark.svg
Wiggler Rumble Dash Normally, Wiggler simply dashes forward. If angry, Wiggler dashes faster and longer, jumping twice in the midst of it. X mark.svg
Mii Power Dash A Mii's Special Dash differs depending on its level. Before reaching level 40, the Mii just runs forward. After reaching level 40, the Mii runs forward, jumps, and spins. X mark.svg

1 - Dizzy Dash can cross water, but not lava.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Scatto speciale
Special dash