Snow King

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Snow King
Snow King
Species Snowman
First appearance Mario Golf: Super Rush (2021)
“Well, well. If it isn't the world's top golfer, Mario. Exactly as I planned! Now that you've walked into my trap, there's no one who can stop me. The world will soon be my icebox!”
Snow King, Mario Golf: Super Rush

The Snow King is the main antagonist and final boss of Golf Adventure in Mario Golf: Super Rush. He is a large three-segmented snowman with a pointed blue nose, a crown, and floating gloved crystals for hands. He was the king of Mount Snow prior to Bowser taking it over. When pollen from the Tree of Sleep caused Bowser to fall into a prolonged slumber, the Snow King rose again and refroze the mountain, including many of Bowser's troops, and intends to do the same to the rest of the world. The Snow King's minions consist of Mr. Blizzards, Freezies, and Snow Pokeys.


In the past, the Snow King ruled over a dormant volcano known as Mount Snow. His blizzards kept the mountain frozen over until Bowser arrived and used his Power of Flame to awaken the volcano and melt all the snow, bringing an end to the Snow King's reign. However, the warm weather brought on by this change caused flowers to bloom and strong winds to form, scattering pollen from the Tree of Sleep. When Bowser Jr. picked some of the flowers for his father, Bowser inhaled the pollen and fell into a deep sleep, causing the volcano's activity to slow down, eventually allowing the Snow King to revive himself and take over the mountain again. He froze over Bowser Highlands, the golf course Bowser had built on Mount Snow, and set his minions loose on it. This also caused other nearby golf courses, including Ridgerock Lake, Balmy Dunes, and Wildweather Woods, to experience unusually extreme weather.

Mario and the player's Mii character eventually enter the Snow King's hideout after fighting their way through his minions, but the Snow King traps Mario in a cage, forcing the Mii to face him alone. By using the Power of Flame from the Fire Gem obtained at Balmy Dunes, the Mii is able to deflect the Snow King's attacks back at him and reduce him to just a head. After the battle, the Snow King claims he can simply summon a blizzard to regain his power. However, when he tries to do so, Wario and Waluigi arrive and strike him with the lightning power given to them by the legendary hero. The Snow King threatens to summon a blizzard again, but then Bowser appears, surprising the Snow King, who had sealed Bowser behind a wall of ice. Bowser Jr. had used a Fire Flower to melt the ice wall and awaken Bowser from his slumber. Bowser reignites the volcano, melting all of the snow in Bowser Highlands, including the Snow King himself.


The Snow King in a cutscene before the battle

The battle takes place in a circular arena with four sets of Bob-ombs near the edges. The Snow King attacks from the center of the arena from behind a shield, which is powered by two crystals. The player has a body temperature meter which decreases over time and when taking damage from the Snow King's attacks, and if it runs out, the player loses the battle and must try again. The Snow King has four attacks in this phase: summoning Mr. Blizzards that try to hit the player with snowballs, launching Freezies, spawning miniature cyclones where the player is standing, and throwing giant snowballs. To remove the shield, the player must launch the Bob-ombs at the crystals to deactivate them. After the shield is down, the player must lure one of the giant snowballs into the snow so it creates a mound when it lands. The player then get on top of the mound and reflect the Snow King's next snowball back at him. This will take out the Snow King's bottom segment, after which he creates a shockwave, which can only be avoided by jumping over it.

The Snow King raises his shield again, repeating the first phase. This time, the shield is powered by four crystals, and the Snow King will launch five Freezies during his Freezie attack when he previously only launched three. After bringing down his shield again and reflecting another snowball back at him, the Snow King is reduced to just a head. He creates another shockwave, the raises his shield again, this time encasing the crystals in ice. The crystals cannot be deactivated anymore, but the player can simply wait for the Snow King's next snowball attack to create a mound, then reflect the Snow King's next attack back at him. The Power of Flame allows the player to bypass his shield. After one last hit, the final cutscenes play and the Snow King is defeated.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キングスノー
Kingu Sunō
King Snow

Chinese (simplified) 冰霜魔王
Bīngshuāng Mówáng
Frost Demon King

Italian Re delle nevi
Snow King
Spanish Rey de las Nieves
Snow King