Sacred Flamebeast

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Sacred Flamebeast
The Sacred Flamebeast from Mario Golf: Super Rush
Species Phoenix
First appearance Mario Golf: Super Rush (2021)
“Behold the Fire Gem! It grants the Power of Flame. Which you will need... to defeat the Sacred Flamebeast that was guarding the gem!”
Legendary hero, Mario Golf: Super Rush

The Sacred Flamebeast is the second boss of Golf Adventure in Mario Golf: Super Rush. It guards the Fire Gem in Balmy Dunes.


Sacred Flamebeast
Sacred Flamebeast render model

After retrieving the Lightning Sword, the player travels to Treasure Corner in Balmy Dunes. There, the player encounters Wario and Waluigi, where the legendary hero electrocutes them so that the player can harness their abundant energy. The player is then instructed to use a Duff Shot to dig up three sparkling spots on the ground. One of these spots contains the Fire Gem. Once unearthed, the Sacred Flamebeast flies overhead, commencing the boss battle.


To defeat the Sacred Flamebeast, the player must locate the Lightning Orbs scattered throughout the arena, which are located underneath dark thunderclouds. The player must then aim the Lightning Orb at the Sacred Flamebeast and complete their shot before the Sacred Flamebeast shoots a fireball at the player. After each hit, the Sacred Flamebeast flies to a different location.

While navigating the area, the player must avoid the purple markings on the ground that indicate where the Sacred Flamebeast will lob its fireballs. There's also quicksand in the area that the player should avoid, though if they fall in, they can mash to escape. Furthermore, if the player either runs or gets hit by one of the Sacred Flamebeast's attacks, their water level will deplete. If the water level reaches zero, the player is forced to restart the battle.

Once the Sacred Flamebeast has been hit three times with lightning orbs, it will charge a massive blue fireball. The player is then prompted to reflect the fireball back at it using a Duff Shot. If successful, the Sacred Flamebeast falls to the ground, defeated.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 炎の神獣
Honō no Shinjū
God-Beast of Flames
Italian Sacra bestia infuocata Sacred flaming beast