Super Golf Stadium

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Super Golf Stadium
View of Super Golf Stadium in Mario Golf: Super Rush
Location Unknown
How to unlock Available from the start
Number of holes 9
Par N/A
Appears in Mario Golf: Super Rush
“Fight over nine holes on one course, all at the same time. First to three flags wins. You can use Mii characters in this mode if you complete Golf Adventure.”
In-game description for the Battle Golf game mode

The Super Golf Stadium is a location that appears in Mario Golf: Super Rush. It is the location where the game's Battle Golf mode is hosted.


The Super Golf Stadium contains 2 different layouts to choose from; the Strategic Course, which has simpler terrain and is more focused on strategy, and the Technical Course, which has complex terrain and is more focused on technique. Both courses have nine holes, and each player needs to get three holes in first to win.

The Strategic Course is roughly shaped like an oval, with pathways connecting each hole to its neighbor and/or the start. It contains Thwomps and Chain Chomps, alongside a few Dash Panels. The Thwomps crush the areas around them, while the Chain Chomps lunge at the player when they get near. Additionally, Bob-ombs can be obtained throughout the course, which explode the area they hit when used. The pathways connecting each hole are broad, straight, and relatively flat, although the edge pathways are elevated higher than the center pathways.

The Technical Course is also shaped like an oval, but with many more pathways throughout. The pathways vary in elevation considerably, and contain advertisements for various organizations on them. One area of the course contains water that, when stepped into, causes the player to be stunned for a brief moment. Whomps also appear on the course, and simply act as walls that block the player from moving forward. Banana peels can also be collected as items in the course; when used, they split into 8 banana peels and cause anyone who steps on them to slip and fall for a brief moment.

Special Shots can be used on both courses, and when activated they can cause another player's ball to be blown away. They also injure any players in the range of their special shot, causing them to drop some Coins and lose some of their Special Shot gauge. The same also happens when the items (Bob-ombs and banana peels) are used. Both courses also have the option to either enable or disable the Rush Countdown; if enabled, a Rush Event will happen every minute. The specific event that happens can be one of the following four things:

  • Bob-omb Rush: All players will be targeted by Parabombs, where more will appear towards the player the higher their placement.
  • Egg Rush: All player's balls turn into Egg Balls, which causes the ball to wobble when it bounces and curves while putting.
  • Ice Rush: All available holes are each temporarily covered with a patch of ice.
  • Super Star Rush: All players will have the Super Star power up, where it lasts longer the lower the player's placement is.