Seaside Course

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Seaside Course
Hole 1 of the Seaside Course
Location Castle Club
How to unlock Default
Number of holes 18
Par 72
Appears in Mario Golf: World Tour

The Seaside Course is a golf course in Mario Golf: World Tour. It is the second Castle Club golf course and its tournament must be won in order for the player to compete in the Mountain Course's Tournament. It is located near a beach, similar to Blooper Bay. Due to it being near the beach, sand, palm trees and water are a constant hazard. It, just like Blooper Bay, has bunkers that have different shapes, Fast Fairways, and Island's over the water that the ball can land on. Its background is based on Palms from the previous handheld installment. Collecting all the Star Coins for this course's challenges awards the player with a Wario costume.


Hole Image Par Front Tee Back Tee Tournament Tee Description
1 Seaside Course 4 403 yards

369 meters

423 yards

387 meters

443 yards

405 meters

A hole that has three star-shaped bunkers and some Fast Fairway, which lies before the bunkers.
2 Seaside Course 3 152 yards

139 meters

174 yards

159 meters

196 yards

179 meters

A short hole with two bunkers either side of the green.
3 Seaside Course 4 358 yards

327 meters

383 yards

350 meters

409 yards

374 meters

A hole with multiple bunkers to the side of the Fairway and another bunker near the green. Also features a Fast Fairway.
4 Seaside Course 4 363 yards

332 meters

382 yards

349 meters

404 yards

369 meters

A hole with a single bunker in the Fairway with stripes of Fast Fairways. It also has two bunkers behind the green.
5 Seaside Course 5 504 yards

461 meters

529 yards

484 meters

556 yards

508 meters

A long hole with three bunkers in unison on the Fairway and multiple Fast Fairway areas. A beach is situated to the right of this hole.
6 Seaside Course 4 386 yards

353 meters

406 yards

371 meters

426 yards

390 meters

A hole with a spiral of rough that curves into the Fairway and a bunker in front of the green.
7 Seaside Course 3 149 yards

136 meters

175 yards

160 meters

188 yards

172 meters

A short hole with multiple bunkers on a patch of grass surrounded by sand from a beach.
8 Seaside Course 4 380 yards

347 meters

400 yards

366 meters

420 yards

384 meters

A hole with lots of bunkers and Fast Fairway in the middle of the normal Fairway. Has a bunker behind the green.
9 Seaside Course 5 538 yards

492 meters

563 yards

515 meters

588 yards

538 meters

A long hole with odd star-like bunkers which are surrounded by Fast Fairways. An Island lies in the middle of the water that the ball may be hit onto.
10 Seaside Course 4 378 yards

346 meters

390 yards

357 meters

412 yards

377 meters

A hole with a plentiful amount of bunkers and some Fast Fairway areas.
11 Seaside Course 4 389 yards

356 meters

411 yards

376 meters

422 yards

386 meters

A hold that turns to the left with a bunker near the Fairway and one near the green.
12 Seaside Course 3 176 yards

161 meters

184 yards

168 meters

191 yards

175 meters

A short hole with a beach of sand behind the green.
13 Seaside Course 4 385 yards

352 meters

408 yards

373 meters

430 yards

393 meters

A hole with three bunkers, a patch of Fast Fairway, and a beach area near the green.
14 Seaside Course 5 530 yards

485 meters

557 yards

509 meters

579 yards

529 meters

A long hole with sand areas and an Island on the water. It also has two bunkers near the green and some Fast Fairway patches.
15 Seaside Course 4 364 yards

333 meters

387 yards

354 meters

410 yards

375 meters

A hole with a thin part of Fairway and Fast Fairway due to cliffs leading to water cutting off the hole.
16 Seaside Course 4 371 yards

339 meters

386 yards

353 meters

406 yards

371 meters

A hole with many bunkers and beach areas with some amounts of Fast Fairway.
17 Seaside Course 5 486 yards

444 meters

504 yards

461 meters

527 yards

482 meters

A long hole with some Fast Fairway and many bunkers near the green.
18 Seaside Course 3 139 yards

127 meters

151 yards

138 meters

167 yards

153 meters

A short hole with some bunkers and Palm Trees near the green.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シーサイドコース
Shīsaido Kōsu
Seaside Course

Dutch Kustbaan
Coast Course
French Parcours du bord de mer
Seaside Course
German Strandkurs
Beach Course
Italian Percorso spiaggia
Beach Course
Portuguese Campo Marítimo
Maritime Course
Russian Бережок
Coast Course

Spanish Recorrido Costa
Seaside Course


  • This course appears in the game's box art and opening clip.