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"Links" redirects here. For information about the character from The Legend of Zelda who has made many crossover appearances in the Super Mario franchise, see Link.

The Links Course is an extremely windy, seaside coast golf course in Mario Golf and Mario Golf: Advance Tour. It is the fourth and possibly one of the most difficult courses in the game. Gene held the title here as the Links Champion, until Kid streaked through each club title and took it away from Gene. Now the two have partnered up to also take the title of the Links Club Doubles Cup Tourney. Its namesake is derived from the term used for British coastal golf courses. It is also a pun on the character Link from The Legend of Zelda, as evident by the flag of the links, where a Triforce is imprinted.

The Links Course Practice Center is a dry, grassy area notorious for heath, speed fairways with pot bunkers and an insane amount of wind. The driving contests are even harder to pinpoint, the putting contest requires strategic thinking, and the approach contest is replaced with a chip-in challenge. Kid can be found practicing his drives at the driving range.

In here is where the player will also have to shoo a Monty Mole away. The player will have to hit the Monty Mole three times before it goes away, and if the player misses even once, it will run back to the start. Once the player defeats it, they'll be given a reward.

In Mario Sports Superstars, Gold Links is based on this course.