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A Custom Ticket A.

Custom Tickets are tickets that can be redeemed for Custom Clubs at the Custom Club Shop in Mario Golf: Advance Tour. There are four different types of Custom Tickets: Custom Ticket A, Custom Ticket B, Custom Ticket C and Custom Ticket D. They can be found hidden at various places or can be won. The total of each that is obtainable is each 2, 2, 2, 1.

Ticket Locations[edit]

Custom Ticket A[edit]

  • Inside the cabinet in the Custom Club Shop
  • Clear all three difficulties of the One-Club Challenge.

Custom Ticket B[edit]

  • Beat the Blooper on the Palms practice course
  • Complete the Next Gen Epoch Golf Mini-Park on Hard difficulty

Custom Ticket C[edit]

Custom Ticket D[edit]

  • Speak to Kid on the Links practice course after winning the Mushroom Tourney.