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This is a list of quotes by Lemmy Koopa.


Mario is Missing! (unused)[edit]

  • "You know, Luigi, a smart guy like you ought to join up with the winners. Here's a nice turtle shell you can wear. If you can't defeat us, you might as well join us"
  • "What's a nice plumber like you doing in a place like this? With your talents you ought to be unclogging drains somewhere, not trying to embarrass yourself as a detective"
  • "So, you had a little trouble in the city? Not everybody's cut out to be a super hero. Take a job with us, Luigi, you could always dump our trash and maybe do a little cooking"
  • "On the level, Luigi. Put down that burning bloom man, and let's talk reason. There's no reason to get all fired up"
  • "You're very strong and powerful, pal, but excuse me for not running. I mean, you don't have a fire flower, do you?"

New Super Mario Bros. Wii[edit]

  • "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" - After being defeated in his castle

Mario Kart 8[edit]

  • "Lemmy, hi!" (when unlocked)
  • "Yahoo!" (when winning 1st place)
  • "Yeah, yeah, yeah!!" (when earning 2nd-6th place)

Paper Mario: Color Splash[edit]

  • "Thank you, thank you! It is I, Lemmy, the greatest and most humble illusionist in all the world! The things you’re about to see may shock you. They might astound you. But they’ll definitely impress you."
  • "Now, the ringmaster here is just your average, garden-variety Shy Guy. Yes, you. Don’t look so surprised."
  • "Now feast your eyes on this! My magic wand! PHENOMENAL ARCANE POWER…in a slim and user-friendly stick! Now you see him…"
  • "What?! Where did he go? Did I vaporize him?!"
  • "You, sir! Have you seen him?"
  • "Thank you, thank you! You’re easily entertained. And now…"
  • "That’s right! (That’s EXACTLY right!) It’s a shiny green Big Paint Star! Now, watch closely!"
  • "Heeheekee! Now, wherever could the Big Paint Star have gone?"
  • "You, there! With the ridiculous moustache and the rusty can. Where do you think that extra-special Big Paint Star ran off to? You didn’t need that, did you? Heeheekeeeeeeeeee!"
  • "Well done! It seems I’ve been caught."
  • "For some reason, my magic wand doesn’t have any effect on the Paint Star. So the only way I could make it disappear was to employ a little…sleight of hand. But no matter - the point of this circus wasn’t to show off my magical prowess. The point was to steal the Paint Star and embarrass you in front of a giant crowd at the same time! And now it’s time for the grand finale! Heeheekee!"
  • "You're back! Such tenacity. Oooh, yes. I like you! Come now - the show must go on!"
  • "This is it! The moment you’ve all been waiting for. The FINAL performance of Mario’s career!"
  • "Now you see it! Now you don’t!"
  • "Bye-bye, card! Surprised ya, huh? APPLAUSE!"
  • "Oooh! Nicely done! APPLAUSE!"
  • "Thing Cards?! What is this, baby’s first battle? APPLAUSE!"
  • "The show is in full swing. It’s almost time for the grand finale!"
  • "Yes! My magic wand can transform into a magic ball. A Wonder Ball! Yes, yes! Clap for the Wonder Ball!"
  • "A discotheque with a Disco Ball! The groove…is too much to bear! I’VE GOT TO BOOGIE!"
  • "That Disco Ball Replica is just sooooo last decade! Can't really get into it!"
  • "Ooooh, you sly dog! How am I supposed to defend myself when I'm getting down? Ya dig? And now for the grand finale!"
  • "That Ice Pick Replica looks like it's from the bargain bin!"
  • "My Wonder Ball deftly avoids your pathetic attack. APPLAUSE!"
  • "Here it comes--the grand finale!"
  • "This is it! Wonder Ballistic! Eheeheekee! Go ahead and struggle! It adds to the drama of it all!"
  • "NOOO! You popped my Wonder Ball! Do you even know what that thing retails for?!"
  • "Heeheekeeeee… You’re really fired up tonight, Mario. You must’ve really enjoyed the show. I admit defeat. A spectacular defeat! There’s more drama in defeat anyway. Victory is soooo overdone. And…scene."

Mario & Luigi series[edit]

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam[edit]

  • "Stomp stomp stomp!"
  • "So yeah... We should hear it fire any second now... It's gonna go... BOOOOOM!"
  • "Yeah! Let me at ‘em!"
  • "Heehee! I won!"
  • "Yeah…avenge us, Master Bowser!"

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions[edit]

  • "You’re not going anywhere!"
  • "Come on, Ludwig! Stop listening to that Goomba and let’s get going!"
  • "No way are we lettin’ you past this point!"
  • "Huh?"
  • "Yeah! I’m not gonna let some goofy Goomba disrespect me like that!"
  • "It’s time!"
  • "Your attacks are useless!"
  • "What’s wrong, Ludwig?"

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey[edit]

  • "I’ll just, uh…stay here, I guess. You know…hold down the fort."
  • "What was that all about? Were you gonna fill us in?"
  • "Hmmmm… HUH?! What are you guys doing here?"
  • "Ugh… I’m sorry I couldn’t stop them…"
  • "Watch out, Lord Junior! We’re in trouble here! Lord Bowser got squashed by this giant beast!"
  • "But that robot is INSANE! Even giant Bowser is gonna need our help."
  • "Are you calling me short?! How dare you!"
  • "What happened to Lord Bowser?"
  • "We were all fired up to rescue Lord Bowser…but he didn’t really need our help."
  • "Most of the Minions there were under Fawful’s control. He was giving them this bizarre supplement that made them go wild."
  • "I don’t know! We lost track of her in the confusion."
  • "So Roy charged in and knocked out all those minions by himself? That’s nuts!"
  • "It must have taken everything he had to beat Roy."
  • "He straight up apologized to you! Can you believe it?"
  • "Now you’re talkin’!"
  • "Whoa! Look at Peach’s Castle!"
  • "Yeah! Totally! …Was it ‘’GWAARGGH?’’ If not, then I guess I forgot."
  • "Huh. So…can we take credit for what happened, or what?"
  • "They don't look so tough. Lemme at 'em!"
  • "All right! Let's do this!" (before the start of a level)
  • "Watch this, Lord Junior!" (before the start of a level if no troops are added)
  • "Can't hit me! Ha!" (Parry)
  • "This is actually kinda fun!" (Parry, after the effect wears off)
  • "All right... Give me a big kick!" (Rolling Riot)

Television shows[edit]

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3[edit]

Mind Your Mummy Mommy, Mario[edit]

  • "This mummy tomb sure is..."
  • "We've found it! And King Dad thought..."
  • "(with Hop) his words!"
  • "(with Hop) Phew!"
  • "...that?! I'm not waitin' to find out! Let's grab Prince Mushroomkhamen's gold mummy case..."
  • "Here's our chance to sneak off..."
  • "We're all eyes, oh meanest..."

Misadventure of Mighty Plumber[edit]

  • "King Dad! King Dad! Come quick and see what Cheatsy's doing!"
  • "Yay! Yay!"


  • "This mirror will make it look like..."
  • "But is anybody dumb enough to fall for a prank like this?"
  • "It worked!"
  • "(with Hop) ALIENS?!"
  • "(with Hop) They're coming! They're coming!"
  • "(with Hop) ALIENS!!!"
  • "THEY did!"

The Ugly Mermaid[edit]

  • "Just one problem, King Pop! Those pesky Mario Bros..."
  • "Look, Pop! It's that meddlesome..."

Life's Ruff[edit]

  • "A dog? What a..."
  • "Yeah! Just the kind of trouble..."
  • "...a mustached mutt!"
  • "King Dad will be proud..."
  • "Smells like..."
  • "Look! The littlest Mario Bro..."
  • "Farewell,..."
  • "3...2..."

7 Continents for 7 Koopas[edit]

  • "I've taken over all the TV stations, and I'm holding a Koopathon! I'm not goin' off the air until everybody sends me all their money!"

Super Koopa[edit]

  • "(with Hop) We're all set, Kooky!"
  • "The pendant won't work anywhere..."
  • "On the other hand, with a little improvement, some of these old ones look pretty good too!"

Super Mario World[edit]

A Little Learning[edit]

  • "...a blast!"
  • "Let's..."
  • "...King Dad!"
  • "...lying!"
  • "(with Hop) Yes, King Dad!"
  • "...lying is an excellent trait!"
  • "(with Hop) And to the repulsiveness for which he stands, one Koopa, underground, reprehensible, with lizards and Goombas for all!"
  • " school!"
  • "...doesn't want us to!"
  • "But, we thought-"
  • "...this wimpy game!"
  • "Hey, cave-klutz! Try dodging this!"
  • "Now, this is..."
  • "Zeroing in on target!"
  • "(with Hop) ...1!"
  • "Hey! Where's my-"
  • "Or, cross Oogtar..."
  • "(with Hop) ...and get Oogli!"
  • "Oogli's in for a surprise tomorrow..."
  • "Now to make our volcano..."
  • "(with Hop) I love school!"
  • "And she hasn't seen..."
  • "Remember how it goes?"
  • "I tap twice,..."
  • "This is a volcano!"
  • "You can NEVER predict exactly when a volcano is going to erupt!"


  • 「マリオのヤツがどこまでガンバレルかしみだなー。ワールドのマップもむにつれ、どんどん複雑広大なものになってくるよ。それはそうと、暗黒だけはオヤジしからなくてもわかんないんだ。でも、か、すごい新兵器ってるのをちらっとたことがあるよ。」 ("I'm looking forward to see how far can Mario go. As you advance the world maps become more complex and extensive. Anyway, our dad alone knows Dark Land and I have no idea about it. But I had glanced he had been making some great new weapons.") - Super Mario Bros. 3 Japanese instruction booklet, page 34.
  • "How far can Mario go? I hope he doesn't make it this far. Dad has many complicated tricks waiting for him in the Dark Land. I've even heard about some new weapon that dad's been making." - Super Mario Bros. 3 English instruction booklet, page 34.
  • 「マリオ・・・。おまえスゴイじょ~~!!」 ("Mario... You're amazing!!") - Super Mario-Kun Volume 41 (page 167)
  • "Welcome to Lemmy's Magical Circus, Mario!!! Would you like to have some fun with these magical balls? See if you can balance yourself on top of them like I can. Ha Ha Ha!" - Super Mario Bros. 3 Nintendo Power Strategy Guide