Disco Ball

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Disco Ball
A Disco Ball Card in Paper Mario: Color Splash.
"This relic from years past is making a comeback. None can resist its call to hit the dance floor."
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
“A discotheque with a Disco Ball! The groove...is too much to bear! I'VE GOT TO BOOGIE!”
Lemmy Koopa, Paper Mario: Color Splash

The Disco Ball is a Thing in Paper Mario: Color Splash. It is found in the backstage area of The Emerald Circus. Mario must pull a rope on the right to cause it to fall, allowing it to be collected. Once it has been picked up, it is wrung out, refills Mario's paint, and becomes a colorless card. After it is used, it returns to its original position. It can also be purchased from the Wringer for 200 coins and sold as an unpainted card for 1 coin. A replica version of the Disco Ball can be collected from the Battle Spin.

When it is used in battle, Mario and the enemies are lowered onto a dance floor with silhouettes of people cheering. Once the Disco Ball lowers, Mario and enemies dance as the camera moves around. When the Disco Ball raises back up, Mario and the enemies stop dancing. After, a textbox that says "Gettin' down!" ("Lemmy's dancing!" during Lemmy Koopa's battle) appears as all enemies are stuck dancing. For one turn, all enemies are unable to attack Mario.

The Disco Ball is mandatory for Lemmy's battle at The Emerald Circus. After Lemmy turns his magic wand into the Wonder Ball, Mario must use the Disco Ball to prevent Lemmy from avoiding his attacks by forcing Lemmy to dance. However, using a replica version of the Disco Ball causes Lemmy to come back, only for the music to abruptly stop, the Disco Ball to stop spinning, and Lemmy to stop dancing.

The Disco Ball can also be placed into the Prisma Museum, where it can be tested. After the Goombas are stuck dancing, the battle ends.



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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミラーボール
Mirā Bōru
Mirror ball

French (NOE) Boule disco
Disco ball
German Diskokugel
Disco ball
Italian Strobosfera
Disco ball