Salt and Pepper

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Salt and Pepper
A Salt and Pepper Card in Paper Mario: Color Splash.
"Seasons even the blandest of meals."
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)

The Salt and Pepper are a Thing in Paper Mario: Color Splash. They are found within the parallel world of Fortune Island in a room that was originally full of smoke. Thus, the Charcoal Grill must be collected before the Salt and Pepper.

Once the Salt and Pepper has been picked up, it is wrung out, refilling Mario's paint and becoming a colorless card. It is kept until it is used in battle, after which it returns to its original position. It can also be purchased from the Wringer for 150 coins. A replica card of the Salt and Pepper also exists, and may be collected from the Battle Spin or Prize Pipe Paths. The Salt and Pepper may also be placed into the Prisma Museum, where it can be tested.

When the Salt and Pepper is placed into battle, the background changes to that of a kitchen, and Mario will walk off. The Salt and Pepper will then shake their condiments onto all enemies and causes them to gain the Blinded status effect, meaning that their attacks may miss. The player can repeatedly press A Button while they shake their condiments to deal more damage.

The Salt and Pepper is essential for cooking the Steak. It must be used before the Charcoal Grill and after Hammering it to grill the Steak to perfection. The Peddler Toad can also sell the Salt and Pepper to Mario if he talks to him after serving the Mamma Mia Pizza and before cooking the steak.



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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シオコショウ
Shio Koshō
Salt and pepper
Dutch Peper en zout Salt and pepper
Italian Saliera e pepiera Salt and pepper shakers
Portuguese Sal e pimenta Salt and pepper