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This is a list of quotes from the game Mario Super Sluggers; the quotes are listed by character.

Baby Luigi[edit]

  • "Goo goo! Whaaaaaaa!"
  • "Boogle goo! Grabble gibble wa wa!"
  • "Waaaaa! Goobity bloo!"
  • "GOO!"
  • "Baby Luigi!"

Baby Mario[edit]

  • "Goo goooo! Ka-hee!"
  • "Yaaaay!"


  • "Yoo hoo! Hey! Look! I'm up here! Help me, please! Bowser Jr. is over there!"
  • "Safe at last! Thank you all soo much!"
  • "It was just shocking! I was just doing a little sunbathing. All of a sudden that pesky Bowser Jr. popped out of nowhere!"
  • "I freaked out a little and scampered over here. Then they erased the bridge."
  • "You're all my heroes! You must let me join you!"


  • "Tooooo laaaate!"
  • "Finally! I've waited so long my feet have frozen!"
  • "You say I don't have feet?"
  • "..."
  • "Laugh already! Having no sense of humor's gonna get you punished!"
  • "Booooo! Bowser's minions, it's punishment time! Hoo hoo hoo!"

Boomerang Bro[edit]

  • "Ha ha ha! You're just now noticing?"
  • "This ballpark is under the control of Bowser's minions!"
  • "What's wrong with you dodos? You WANT to get hit with my boomerang?"
  • "Well, all right! Don't say I didn't warn you!"
  • "Drafty diapers! How did you nobodies beat me?!"
  • "None of that matters, though. The Dynamo is still busted!"
  • "Doesn't matter, I went in and fiddled with the electrical circuits."
  • "I see a plumber with you guys, but not an electrician! Har har!"

Bowser Jr.[edit]

  • "Buttered broccoli! I can't believe I lost!"
  • "You cheated, didn't you? You're just a big Cheaty McCheaterton!"
  • "You went and ruined my flooded-fountain plan! I was gonna crash some boats in there!"
  • "Now that the fog is lifting, I can see how lame this ballpark really is!"
  • "Bah! Who needs a run-down ballpark like this? I'll just go take over another ballpark!"
  • "I raised that bridge so Mr. Whiny Britches would be stuck all alone."
  • "Yee-haw!"

Blue Dry Bones[edit]

  • "Clackety clack! Clack clack clacky clacky clark clurk clank clank clank clink! (Stop.)"
  • "Clackety. Clk clk clk... (This park is now the dominion of Bowser's minions! Ha ha ha...)"
  • "Clacker clack... (We won't give it up without a fight...)"
  • "Clackey clunk... (Defeat...stinks...)"

Blue Noki[edit]

  • "Yeee-ikes! Boy, did you ever put a scare into little ol' me!"
  • "There was a huge crash just a second ago, so I decided to lay low until the danger passed."
  • "What? Bowser Jr.? Here? On the island? Trying to take over? With minions? ...Well, crud!"
  • "So you're recruiting baseball teammates to take him down, eh?"
  • "Well, maybe I should test you first! ...You know. Just *in case.*
  • "If you can pass my test. I'll help you out!"
  • "Well, if you want me as a teammate, come back and chat with me again."
  • "Well? Do you have the sand for my challenge?"
  • "Oh... Yeah, that's a problem. If you can't pass my test, you won't beat Bowser Jr.!"
  • "Oh, wow. You're a total pro. I'd love to join your team!"
  • "Let's go stomp that Bowser Jr.! I know you can do it!"

Blue Pianta[edit]

  • "Gu-huh! Halp! Someone! I'm locked in and can't get out!"
  • "Bowser Jr. locked the door and then ran off with the durn key!"
  • "Aw, blessed sunshine! You've come to free me!"
  • "Bowser Jr. done locked me in here! Can one'a you get the key and lemme out?"
  • "Hu-yuh! Garsh, thanks a million, pal!"
  • "I'm Blue Pianta, and this is muh shop."
  • "You can buy items and such here. They'll help ya in Baseball games!"
  • "Hey! Howzabout lettin' me join your team? Since I owe ya for the rescue and all."

Blue Toad[edit]

  • "Oh, hey! He'll NEVER find me if I hide over there! Yeah, that's the stuff!"
  • "Uh-oh! Someone's watching me!"
  • "Look, this is Princess Peach's treasured garden! I'm sorry, but you have to turn back here."
  • "Hold it right there! I'm guarding this area for Princess Peach!"
  • "Hey! Princess Peach has joined you?"
  • "In that case, go right ahead! I hid the statue in the shrubbery."
  • "I've completed my duty!"

Blue Yoshi[edit]

  • "Yoshi! Yoshi! (I've been waiting for you guys!)"
  • "Yoshi! Yoshi! (Bowser Jr. got Wiggler all upset, and now he's on a rampage!)"
  • "Yoshi! Yoshi! (You should be able to switch the rails and get Wiggler down, but..."
  • "Yoshi! Yoshi! (Green Magikoopa changed the password on the controller.)"
  • "Yoshi! Yoshi! (I don't have a clue what to do. I'm hoping you'll know.)"
  • "What's the maximum number of stars the Star Gauge can hold?"
  • "What's the total number of playes on both teams in a baseball game?"
  • "On Wiggler's head is...1.A hat 2.A flower 3.A teakettle"
  • "How many gondolas are on the Ferris Wheel?"
  • "How many tentacles does Blooper have?"
  • "Yoshi! (Fantastic! Thanks! The rails have been switched back!)"
  • "Yoshi! Yoshi! (Now we just have to wait for Wiggler to come down!)"
  • "Yooooooshiiiiii! (I'm going with you! Let's teach these guys a thing or two!)"

Dark Bones[edit]

  • Clack Clack. (Calling in backup? That's not very fair.)
  • "Clackety clack. (You're not getting past me. I will stop you.)
  • "Clack...clack...clunk. (I've... been... beaten...)

Dixie Kong[edit]

  • "Ook ook eek! (HELP! HELP! EEEEEEK!)"
  • "Ook ook! (Thanks for your help.)"
  • "Ook! Ook! (Yes, I'm fine, but Bowser Jr....)"
  • "Ook! Oook! (I think he's trying to take over the ballpark.)"
  • "Ooooook... (Ack! The stone tablet at the top of this cliff!)"
  • "Ook! Ook! (Hey! Donkey Kong! Wait up!)"
  • "Ookie! Ookie! (Donkey Kong, you crazy ape! He never listens to anyone...)"
  • "Ookie ook. (Look, to get to the ballpark, you have to cross the stone bridge...)"
  • "Ookie! Ookie! (The stone tablet on top of the cliff was a switch.)"
  • "Ookie! Ookie! (But Bowser Jr. has broken it up and hidden it! What a cad!)"
  • "Ookie ooo! (Please! You have to help find the stone-tablet pieces!)"
  • "Ookie! Ookie! (I saw something near the back of the sign at the entrance. Try looking there.)
  • "Ook ook ooo! (Wow! You found a stone tablet!)"
  • "Ooook... (Oh no! It's been broken into pieces!)"
  • "Ook ook! (We need all 3 pieces of the stone tablet to fix the bridge.)"
  • "Ook oooook ook! (I'll help you look! Donkey Kong! Come down here, will you?)"
  • "Ook! (Donkey Kong! Why not let Mario and his friends handle it?)"

Dry Bones[edit]

  • "Clackety clack... (Must get diamonds... BASEBALL diamonds!)"
  • "Clackety clack! (Stop...)"
  • "Click clack clunk! (You can't have this treasure chest.)"
  • "Clack? Clunk... (I...lost...)"

Fire Bro[edit]

  • "Stuff it, surfer boy! I know you're looking for the stone tablet! You'll never get it!"
  • "Aw toothaches! Where did you come from? You looking for the stone tablet, too?"
  • "I will never give up the stone tablet! Do you hear me?! Never!"
  • "Man! You're really tough! Why didn't you just say so and save me all this hassle?"
  • "Listen up! Don't search the statue behind me! There's no stone tablet anywhere around it!"

Green Noki[edit]

  • "Seashells! You scared the salt water out of me!"
  • "A whole bunch of scary guys were running around earlier! That's why I was hiding."
  • "What did you say? You want to beat Bowser Jr. at baseball? You're CRAZY!"
  • "Well... I'll think about it. But only if Blue Noki is with you, too!"
  • "Fried seaweed! You again?"
  • "So what did Blue Noki say?"
  • "Let's see... Well, if you bring Blue Noki with you, I'll consider joining up."
  • "Great jumpin' starfish! You scared the salt water out of me!"
  • "I'm hiding from Bowser Jr.! Don't scare me like that! ...And don't tell him where I am!"
  • "...Wha? Really? You want me to join you?"
  • "I dunno... Maybe if you had some other Nokis with you..."
  • "Sweet stinky tide pools! Blue Noki is with you!"
  • "In that case, consider me interested! But first you have to prove yourself."
  • "How about this... If you think you're ready for me, swing by again. OK?"
  • "Will you accept my challenge?"
  • "Oh no! Sorry! I mean, I really do want to help, but..."
  • "I just don't think you have what it takes to defeat Bowser Jr.!"
  • "Well done! I'd be happy to join up with you!"
  • "Um...say. Can I ask you for a favor?"
  • "There's a baby crying out on the pier. Do you think you can help him?"
  • "His crying is drowning out the relaxing ocean surf, and I'm starting to get stressed out."

Green Toad[edit]

  • "GYAWAAAAH! D-d-don't eat me, please! Huh?"
  • "Seriously?! You're going to take on Bowser's minions? ...That's CRAZY TALK!"
  • "This seems like a riskly plan. I have to make sure you can really pull it off."
  • "Whew! Boy, was I ever wrong to doubt you! Count me in!"

Hammer Bro[edit]

  • "I'm going this way!"
  • "Outta the way, bub! I wanna get this moved before Mario and his crew show."
  • "Slug butter! Here comes trouble!"
  • "Looks like it's up to me. I'm gonna stomp you chumps into last week!"
  • "Worm germs! You... you weren't supposed to beat me..."
  • "You won't get away with this!"

King Boo[edit]

  • "Booo hoo ha! HEY! You defeated Bowser Jr.!"
  • "I wondered who would win, so I made myself invisible and watched the whole thing."
  • "You booooth look like benchwarmers to me!"
  • "Say WHAT? You want ME to help YOOOOOU?"
  • "No! Not even if you had some Boos on your roster! Well... If you had some Boos with you, I might..."
  • "Hey! Hey, yoooou! Did you find some Boos?"
  • "Boo hoo ha! Here are your hints: "error item" and "in a box"! Make sure you get them all!"
  • "Hey! You there! What you got there? Huh? ...HEY! That's a Boo, isn't it? Yeah! It is!"
  • "Aw... Little Boos are so cute! But I don't want to see him riding pine! Put him in a game, yeah?"


Green Kritter[edit]

  • "STOP! What're you wimps doin' here? Why, I oughta..."
  • "Stone tablet? What're ya babblin' about?"
  • "You're making no sense, but it don't matter none. This here's Kritter's turf!"
  • "You wanna go on, yer gonna have to go through ME! Bwar har har!"
  • "Creepin' crawfish! I can't believe I lost!"
  • "I...I gotta tell the boss. He won't forget this! ...Or forgive!"
  • "Tear 'em up, King K. Rool!"
  • "Er...K-King K. Rool? Are you sure about that?"

Blue Kritter[edit]

  • "Gar! What're ya doin' here?"
  • "Whaaa? Stone tablet? Oh, yeah...THAT thing!"
  • "Listen! I ain't just a purdy face! I got smarts! I ain't tellin' you squat!"
  • "Ya think you can take on us Kritters? I bet you can't even get by me!"
  • "Ya did it, by gar!"
  • "All right. I'll tell ya 'bout the stone tablet. ...It's in the giant flower up there.
  • "But ya best go and prepare yourselves! I'm a gonna tell King K. Rool what happened!"
  • "Switch on!"

Red Kritter[edit]

  • "Don't move friend!"
  • "End of the line! You ain't gettin' by me, and you ain't takin' no treasure, neither!"
  • "I'm calling you out!"
  • "Curses! I lost!"
  • "This ain't gonna cut it! I gotta tell King K. Rool the news!"
  • "You ain't heard the last of me!"

Brown Kritter[edit]

  • "You there! What do you think you're doing?"
  • "I'm the dirty underbelly of the Kritter gang!"
  • "...Not sure what that means, but King K. Rool said it, so it must be important!"
  • "I'm gonna whup you in the name of dirty underbellies everywhere!"
  • "What just happened? ...That was bad."
  • "Ya'll get ready for a beatdown! I'm gonna wake up King K. Rool!"
  • "Snivel away, snivelers! All the sniveling in the world won't save you now! Switch on!"


  • "Strike!"
  • "Out!"
  • "Change!"
  • "Bean ball!"
  • "Walk!"
  • "That's the ball game!"
  • "Oh, cheese curds! We have to save him!"


  • "Oh yeah!"


  • "Hold it! Don't you dare touch this here lever!"
  • "This here Koopa is in charge of watching over this here lever! ...See?!"
  • "You're going to pull my beautiful...lever... I just knows it!"


  • "Oh-ho-ho-ho, no!"
  • "Yes!"


  • "Charred chestnuts! You're gonna make me molt if you keep scaring me like that!"

Petey Piranha[edit]


Princess Daisy[edit]

  • "Oh, sweet! You helped me get back to normal, didn't you? Thanks!"
  • "Right as rain, Peach! Now let's go mop Bowser Jr. and his minions."
  • "Oh dear, this will never do!"
  • "The fountain is flooded all over again!"
  • "Hey!"

Princess Peach[edit]

  • "Okay!"
  • "Hold it, Bowser!"
  • "This is Baseball Kingdom. It's a place for EVERYONE to enjoy baseball."
  • "Come on, Bowser! You want to play with us, don't you?"
  • "Tee hee! I think the decision's been made. Come on, everyone! Let's celebrate!"
  • "Let's throw a party for Baseball Kingdom!"

Purple Toad[edit]

  • "EEEEK! Somebody help me! EEEE... Huh? You're not Bowser Jr.!"
  • "How's that? You're going to try and stop him? And you need my help?"
  • "OK. Well. I have to make sure you're not just fooling around. So take my test!"
  • Holy cow! You're really good! I can't wait to join your team!"

Red Magikoopa[edit]

  • "Hold it, hold it! Stop riiiiight there."
  • "Y'all think you can stop ol' Bowser, eh? Well, you're putting the cart before the horse, pal!"
  • "Carts can't pull horses, see? And you can't fight Bowser 'cause I'm the way."
  • "See. Bowser's a cart, and I'm me. Now the horse is riding... Wait, that's not it..."
  • "Never mind! All that matters is that I, Red Magikoopa, am going to destroy you!"
  • "Baloney burritos! How in the heck did I lose to twerps like you?"
  • "Maybe the cart can pull the horse if the cart's motorized or something..."
  • "This isn't over yet!"

Red Noki[edit]

  • "Howdy hey!"
  • "What am I doing? What's it look like? I'm dancing, of course!"
  • "I'm just so happy that Baseball Kingdom is finished!"
  • "What? You want ME to join your team and help you defeat Bowser Jr.?"
  • "Oh, I see! He's the one who caused that big earthquake earlier."
  • "But what about the other Nokis? You're going to need more than just little old me..."
  • "Howdy ho! I'm still dancing! It's good for the soul, you know!"
  • "I'll consider your offer if some of the other Nokis join up!"
  • "Heya hi! I'm Red Noki!"
  • "How's that again? You want me on your team? Oh, I don't know. I'm pretty shy..."
  • "If there were some other Nokis with you..."
  • "Oh, how nice! You have 2 Nokis on your team! Well then, count me in!"
  • "The contents of this shell are a gift from all the Nokis!"
  • "Enjoy!"

Red Pianta[edit]

  • "D-don't scare me like that!"
  • "I climbed this tree to get away from all those goons who came stormin' through here."
  • "You're doing what? A baseball team? For real?"
  • "Oh, NOW it makes sense! That's why you were looking for me, right?"
  • "OK! Let's see what you've got! If you're good enough, I'll join your team!"
  • "Well if that don't send my palm tree spinning! You did it! I'm with you all the way!"
  • "Let's give 'em what for!"

Red Yoshi[edit]

  • "Yoshi! Yoshi! (NOOO! Don't eat me! Oh, I thought you were a Piranha Plant.)"
  • "Yoshi! Yoshi! (You're looking for Green Yoshi? He came by a while back.)"
  • "Yoshi! Yoshi! (Bowser Jr.. eh? Well, in that case...)"
  • "Yoshi! Yoshi! (Say, if you find a brush would you bring it to me?)"
  • "Yoshi! Yoshi! (Bowser Jr. surprised me so bad I dropped it somewhere.)"

Shy Guy[edit]

  • "I was going to take a ride on the Ferris Wheel, but the Piranha Plant got in my way!"
  • "You're like professional baseball players, right? Well, throw some balls at those things!"
  • "Nice work! You got rid of all the Piranha Plants!"
  • "Yoshi left us on our own and went off after Magikoopa."
  • "If you're looking for Yoshi, take me with you! I want to play some ball!"


  • "Bowser Jr.! He showed up and did that thing with the thing, and... Oh crab apples. Just come and see for yourself!"
  • "Look! LOOOOOK! Bowser Jr. turned Princess Daisy into a statue! You gotta do something do something! You gotta stop Bowser Jr.! He went back there somewhere! Princess Peach and Toadsworth are back there too..."
  • "I'm going to stay here and look after Princess Daisy! Toadette is somewhere near Toad Flower Garden. Talk to her for more details."
  • To Hammer Bro: "G-g-get out of here! Don't you dare lay a finger on Princess Daisy!"
  • To Mario: "There you are! P-P-PLEASE!! You have to help!"
  • After victory against Hammer Bro: "Oh, thank you so much! Please take care of Princess Daisy! What?! You want to take this statue of Princess Daisy with you? NO WAY DUDE! NUH-UH! What if you drop it and she breaks into a kajillion pieces? HUH?"
  • "Fountain? You need it to stop the flooding? Oh...Weeeeell... OK. But you gotta PROMISE not to drop her!"
  • "I'm worried about all of you, so please take me along! I'll do my best to protect you! ...From back here."
  • "Yahoo!"


  • "Please! You have to help us! Stop Bowser Jr. as soon as you can!"
  • "You can get to the back of the garden from here, but..."
  • "Hmmm... Toad Flower Garden has been rearranged! Can you fix the path, please?"
  • "Thank you so much! Now you can see what's happening back there!"
  • "Maybe we can fix the flooded fountain, too."
  • "Please! Take me with you!"
  • "I want to do my part to protect this island and all the ballparks Princess Peach built!"
  • "You need me! I won't take no for an answer!"
  • "Princess... I... This is difficult to say, but..."
  • "Woo-hoo!"


  • "Stop right there, rubes! What're you doing here?"
  • "No way, lard lump! We're gonna settle this like men!...With baseball!"
  • "Waluigi time!"


  • "A Treasure Chest! Outta the way! This one's mine!, I just turn here... and tweak here... aaaaaaand... whaaaaaaaa!"
  • "What took you so long, losers?! I'm so hungry, I could eat five of you."
  • "Nya! Something stinks and it ain't me! There are bad guy losers around somewhere."
  • "Wario!"
  • "Wario time!"

Yellow Magikoopa[edit]

  • "Hoo ha! That's far enough! This light house is off-limits!"
  • "Hurr hurr...Have you come to light a candle and curse the darkness?"
  • "There will be no cursing the darkness when I'm around, and we're out of candles."
  • "Shut up! I'm the keeper of this light house and I can make candle jokes if I want to!"
  • "Greasy goulash! I can't believe you bench warmers beat me."
  • "Don't look at me like that! Save those guppy-dog eyes for some other loser!"
  • "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man angry and hungry for pies!"
  • "You haven't heard the last of me!"

Yellow Pianta[edit]

  • "Y-y-you don't scare me! I'll teach you a lesson, Bowser Jr.!"
  • "Huh? Sweet banana surprise! You're not Bowser Jr.!"
  • "You just about scared my leaves off! Hidin' in here, I couldn't see who you were, pal!"
  • "Teammates? What do you mean, you're looking for teammates? ...Oh, I see!"
  • "I think that's a heck of an idea! What say you take a little test for me, huh?"
  • "You've got the right stuff, pal! Bowser's thugs don't stand a chance!"
  • "Then it's settled! I'm going with you. You need all the help you can get, right?"

Yellow Shy Guy[edit]

  • "Hold it right there! You wanna know what's in this chest? Well, tough beans!"
  • "I ain't saying! And I sure ain't telling you it's a brush!...Aw, nuts."
  • "Forget this! You ain't getting my brush! I challenge you!"

Yellow Toad[edit]

  • "H-H-HEEEEEELP! Huh?"
  • "Princess! It's you! I thought it was Bowser Jr.!"
  • "What's that? You're going to fight them? And you want ME to help?"
  • "I know you're the Princess and everything, but that's asking a bit much don't you think?"
  • "Let's decide with a game of skill! If I win, I get to stay here. Where it's safe. And warm."
  • "Yikes I...I lost!"
  • "You really mean to challenge them, huh? Well, I guess we had a deal..."
  • "All right! Count me in! Wherever you lead Princess, I will follow!"


  • "Yoshi! Yoshi! (Thanks a bundle, everyone!)"
  • "Yoshiii! (I chased Magikoopa here and then got trapped by this manhole!)"
  • "Yoooooshi Yoshi! (I think the ballpark is in danger.)"
  • "YOSHI! (Work together to defeat Bowser Jr.? That's a great idea.)"
  • "Yoshi! Yoshi! (The manhole over there leads to the ballpark.)"
  • "Yoshi Yooooshi! (My special move is a ground pound. It lets me use manholes.)"
  • "Yoshi! Yoshi! (Yay! Time for me to take charge!)"
  • "Yoshiiiiii Yoshi Yoshi! (Switch to me, stand on the manhole, and press A Button.)"
  • "Yoshi! Yoshi! (I did it! That's my special move!)"
  • "Yoshiiiiiii! (I can use it to find hidden teammates, too!)"
  • "Yoshi! Yoshi! (Try it in all kinds of places!)"
  • "Yoshi!"