DK Jungle (baseball stadium)

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Not to be confused with Donkey Kong Jungle (baseball stadium).
This article is about the stadium from Mario Super Sluggers. For other uses, see DK Jungle.
DK Jungle
DK Jungle overhead at night
DK Jungle bird's eye view at night

DK Jungle is a baseball field in Mario Super Sluggers. As its name implies, it is DK's personal stadium. There is a large statue of DK behind the outfield, and there are tree roots in center field that can slow down the ball if it is hit to that part of the field. At night, torches are lit up around the park, and the statue will move its arms to pound its bongos. Barrel Basher takes place there.

The music is a jazzy and percussion arrangement of "DK Island Swing" from Donkey Kong Country.

The stadium also appears in the intro where Diddy Kong is shown catching the ball with a flip, but he suddenly screams in horror as he is about to get crushed by a giant barrel rolling towards him. Donkey Kong rescues Diddy by smashing it, making Diddy sigh in relief.


This stadium features two large cannons on both sides of the outfield. They drop barrels that run in a diagonal line to the other side of the field, not breaking if they hit players, much like Donkey Kong's stadium from the previous game. Also in the outfield there are flowers that will release gas that has an effect on players similar to Peach's Heart Swing. At night, the cannons will fire flaming barrels, and the statue will move and occasionally stun the players in the outfield with effects similar to a POW ball item.


Stage select[edit]

  • "A stadium lurking deep in the jungle."

Collectible Card information[edit]

  • Information: "Donkey Kong Jungle is a baseball field in the heart of the wild. The stone surface and ancient ruins are surprising, but not as much as the barrels rolling through the outfield and giant flowers that will put you to sleep."
  • Field Obstacle: Barrels and Giant Flowers
  • Fun Fact: "Little is known about the civilization that built the ruins in this jungle or whether they even played baseball."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese DKジャングル
DK Janguru
DK Jungle

French Jungle de DK
DK's Jungle
Spanish (NOA) Jungle de DK
DK's Jungle