Barrel Basher

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Barrel Basher

Barrel Basher is a minigame in the game Mario Super Sluggers for the Wii. It takes place in the DK Jungle stadium.

The player has to hit balls at barrels and Bob-ombs. It takes three barrels to break part of the shield, but only one Bob-omb. If the player gets hit, the game does the same animation as when hit by the ball in-game and fails the minigame. The player has to either meet or exceed the number of points in the beginning levels, but, on Special Level, the player sets a high score with a time limit. The player can increase the time limit by hitting ten consecutive barrels. Players can control when to shoot out the ball and how they can control depending on the time they swing.

Several types of barrels appear in this minigame. The first kind is a brown barrel; it is worth the least amount of points and it's the slowest. The second kind is a golden barrel, which is slightly faster than a brown barrel and worth slightly more. The third kind is a blue barrel that rolls faster and is worth more points. The final barrel, only found in Special mode, is a huge, red barrel that must be hit several times before completely exploding. Always appearing in the middle cannon, the huge barrel can break through the barrier and instantly cause the player to give up the minigame by hitting him or her. Bob-ombs roll down the field, and when hit, they explode all barrels on the field.

In multiplayer and Grand Prix mode, the other players try to mess around with the batting player by placing plants that move the barrels around when touched by barrels. When a barrel successfully hits the plant, the player that places the plant gets a point. The player with the most points wins.