Heart Ball

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Princess Peach uses her Heart Ball Star Pitch, in Mario Super Sluggers.
Peach's Heart Ball in Mario Super Sluggers

Heart Ball is the name of the Star Skill used by Peach in the Mario Baseball series. Heart Ball first appears in Mario Superstar Baseball, where Peach can use it while either fielding or batting. When pitching, Peach will cause the ball to momentarily disappear into scattered hearts, only reappearing just before it crosses home plate, making it difficult to hit. When Peach is batting, this skill also causes the ball to disappear into scattered hearts as it is hit as a high fly ball, only reappearing shortly before hitting the ground. This makes it difficult for fielders to catch. In Challenge Mode, Peach cannot use Heart Ball unless the player has bought the Lovely Heart. In Mario Super Sluggers, Heart Ball was relegated into a Star Pitch, so it can only be used for pitching; it is now possible to get a ball when pitching Heart Ball.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハートボール
Hāto Bōru
Heart Ball

Spanish Bola Corazón
Heart Ball