King Banana

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Banana Ball
Donkey Kong using the Banana Ball move
Not to be confused with Giant Banana.

King Banana is an item located in the Challenge Mode of Mario Superstar Baseball. It can be bought at the local store in Challenge Mode, and will enable Donkey Kong's Star Skill, the Banana Ball. The item is only available in the store if Donkey Kong is the team captain, or if he is on another captain's team. Donkey Kong does not need this item in Exhibition Mode, as he can use the Banana Ball anytime he wants. The name of the King Banana comes from it being a Banana, and the term "King of the Jungle", which Donkey Kong has commonly been called. "King Banana" is also a key item in EarthBound, however, this might be a coincidence.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キングバナナ
Kingu Banana
King Banana