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Wall Ball from Mario Superstar Baseball
Wall Ball from Mario Super Sluggers

Wall Ball is the name of a minigame found in Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario Super Sluggers. The minigame is hosted in Princess Peach's stadium, (Peach Garden in Mario Superstar Baseball, or Peach Ice Garden in Mario Super Sluggers). It is a four-player minigame (although, the other three can be CPU players). The aim of the game is to score the most points out of all the players. In Mario Superstar Baseball, each player takes a turn at throwing a very strong ball into a row of Brick Walls. In Mario Super Sluggers, it is the same, but players do not take turns. This is done by using a bar on the side, which tells the player how strong or weak the throw will be, and only the last wall they hit determines how (or if) their points change. Players with the most points in the end, wins. It is played in Challenge Mode in Superstar Baseball as well, where the player will have to verse three Toads.

There are three types of walls in Mario Superstar Baseball:

  • Brick Wall – The player will earn five points for each wall they hit.
  • ♪ Wall – The player will earn 100 points.
  • Bowser Wall – The player will lose half of their points, which will be divided amongst the other players.

In Mario Super Sluggers the three types of wall are:

  • Green Wall – The player gets a small bonus, however, this bonus increases by a lot if they are the first to break one when four line up.
  • Princess Peach Heart Wall – Provides a bigger bonus than the Green Wall, however, no bonus if four line up.
  • Bowser Wall – Loss of 50 points.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブロックショット
Burokku Shotto
Block Shot